Sunday, October 18, 2015

Karoake Nght at The Witches Brew!

Some songs are just crimes against humanity and must not be propagated!

Made this caption for Jinny Jezebel on the Haven. As per what I wrote in her trading folder:
Song selection is an under-appreciated art when it comes to karaoke. Even when being ironic, there are certain lines that SHOULD NOT BE DRAWN! 
I had this picture put aside for you for awhile, but wasn't sure how to attack it, until tonight! 
I figured you would appreciate it as you don't mind getting a case of the giggles, and you are totally sexy when you giggle!
 I really had nothing for the picture, so I let it alone for awhile. When zipping through the folder a few weeks later, I chuckled at the ersatz Alice and said, "so your body *IS* a wonderland, isn't it Mr. Bond?" and right there I had my hook, and knew that Jinny would enjoy it.

She is an awesome person, and has really renewed the whole attitude of the Haven, just by her being herself. Like the pixie she is, there is much curiosity and wonderment to her, and she brings such a happy vibe with every move she makes. Jinny made a caption recently for the October 2015 Caption Contest on the Haven, the same one that I made THIS caption for. It was such a touching caption, I'm going to steal (borrow) it and put it up here in the blog.

If you know her, you will understand I think. If you don't, perhaps you'll still get it. For some reason, she mentioned that I inspired her to create this, since she really liked the one I made. Glad to say then that I influenced this somehow!

My reply to this caption was this:
You are totally wrong! There was a transformation in the caption.  
It was the you that showed up here not knowing exactly what to make of this place, and by the end, you know exactly what to make of this place, because you HAVE influenced the Haven and it's denizens. That is the magic of the Haven. Anyone that makes an effort is going to experience a transformation of their own, if they open their hearts and minds to it. Knowing how an illusion is created makes the illusion even more magical, at least to me. 
And I'm so glad you came in and shared your world with us. I lost my sense of frivolity for a bit here when two of my besties, Petra and Steffie wandered off into the sunset. You've always celebrated the art of silliness for silliness sake and that is so charming that it needs to be commended. You lifted my spirits right when I needed it most. 
And yes, that picture is definitely you! Splendid job!
So, you may ask, "Where the hell have you been?" And I'll reply, "Doin' stuff!" Well, we went away for a wedding of one of the GF's many relatives. Had much fun watching the mating rituals of the young and horny, which was amplified by an open bar! Yikes! There WAS some subtlety to be had, with some of the women doing the finger along the rim of their drink, the way they leaned in to hear what the guys were saying, but most of it were as subtle as a water buffalo. I'm guessing there was MUCH boning later on that night at the hotel. We heard one in the next room, which was hilarious because there was a furious amount of headboard thrust banging the wall .. for all of maybe 50 seconds. Attack of the whiskey dick I'm assuming! Long weekend so I will see you again in a day or two, possibly sooner, but you'll know when you see me!

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  1. Fun cap you made for Jinny.

    I started capping around the same time as Jinny did, maybe that's why I recognize a lot of what Jinny mentioned in her cap, even though the path we took is completely different.
    the part of her cap that spoke to me most is where she mentioned her heroes. It is for that very same reason that I didn't succeed in making an entry for the October contest.

    What you mention about Jinny's silliness is so true, and it always brings a smile on my face when she came by.
    With everything that she does she often has the time to create some challenges, and I have to say I particularly like the one she has now with her Halloween Gallery. Making Halloween campfire tales, may they be goofy, spooky or scary.