Sunday, March 1, 2015

Take Care of Your Elders!

Keep on rocking in the free world .. in your rocking chair!

Made this one on Thursday or Friday. My goal was to create a caption or two, without any pressure to make it for a certain person, or even have it be any good. I figured that if I just went through the process, then some sort of muscle memory would click and I'd have something.

Went looking through a few websites, not for anything in particular, but a photo that would invoke some sort of feeling in me, or something I could focus on. When this picture came floating by, I fixated on the rocking chair and the setting itself. Both Grandmothers have had heart attacks in the last 8 weeks or so (yeah, I told you it's been a tough Winter!) so I'd been visiting the one that still lives up here in a nursing home where she's been recovering before they'll send her back to her own house. That rocking chair reminded me of the main room and how people there would group around it to watch the snow (seems like its ALWAYS snowing!) and the traffic passing by. It made me think that those people would LOVE to be slogging around like I am still capable of doing. I vowed to bitch less (which I'm doing a decent job of!) and try to find good things in everything that happens (snow looks pretty when everyone I know is safe and sound) no matter how bad things can get.

Anyway, this is the Haven Nursing Home so wondrous things are afoot! Who wouldn't want a second chance at life, in any of it's glorious forms? This caption helped me make a few more over the last couple days, and most of them have a sense of second opportunities or chances for redemption, and of dancing to the beat of our own drummers.

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  1. Great cap, although I would have to think about it, living my life again. Even as a pretty girl.