Monday, March 2, 2015

A Fault in Our Metaphorical Stars!

Didn't see the movie, and didn't read the book. I can still write a caption about it though!

Made this one when I saw the source photo, as I wasn't really thinking about "A Fault in Our Stars" at all. I've seen the "Honest Trailer" and "Everything Wrong with A Fault .." on Youtube though and I figured I had a good idea what happens in it, enough where I could reasonably do a slight parody/call back about it .. I mean, I *AM* the queen of pop culture, right? BTW, in case you were wondering, she is holding up a ticket to the movie.

One thing I hope didn't come across the caption was of me making light of a serious disease like testicular cancer, which can be a heavy topic to discuss. If anything, humor can be a disarming way of lessening the morose nature of it, sort of gallows humor in a hopeless situation. The movie tries it's best to balance the two. It was not my intention to offend in any case.

As to the "metaphor" referred in the caption, the author says that it isn't a metaphor, but since the person saying it is only 18, and pretentious, he's using big words that he probably doesn't totally understand. I used the quote from the movie (it is in italics) in which some of the characters walk around with unlit cigarettes, in case you were wondering what the context was for the quote.

It can be a really sad book and story, so don't watch unless you are ready for a good weep. I mean, watching kids rehearse their own funerals and what their eulogies would be .. YIKES! Then again, for many teens, the frailty of life is often explored in books like this one, "Go Ask Alice", the Harry Potter series, and in lots of songs, from the death songs of the 60's (I have a huge affinity for those!) through these post-modern times.

As someone that has lost quite a few people to cancer, including my mother 20+ years ago, I kind of hope that my loved ones were able to start a new life free of the pain they were suffering. Hell, my daughter was born 8 months or so after my mom died, so maybe there is a bit of her in the brat!


  1. Reeeeead the boooooook

  2. I think these days everybody lost someone to some form of cancer. Whether it be cancer or another disease you lost someone to, at some point you need to move on, coping with the loss. It is different for everybody, but I agree with you: Humor can be disarming, and even if we moved on, at some point we all need to look back. Look back to the ones we lost. In the end that is better done with a reminiscing smile than with a heavy heart.
    In my opinion you did a great job with this cap.

  3. The movie was REALLY corny. Maybe it's because I'm a little older than the target demographic but most girls in the theater were giggling during the "romance" sections. I mostly like the fact that Augustus says he's a virgin to get closer to her and that Hazel's mom just disappears from the hotel so they can have sex.