Friday, February 27, 2015

Leave It to Cleaver .. CHOP CHOP!

Here's to hoping for some normalcy in the upcoming months!

I am back with a "new" caption for Brittany7, insomuch that I wrote the story tonight, while I had the photo in a caption setting back a few weeks ago. Its quite a striking pose, and the picture of the cleaver with a P-E in the background gave me an idea for a revenge tale, but I didn't want it to be too dark, so I think the way it ended was a bit more ambiguous. I mean, did he REALLY override her programming, or is she going along with it for now and is foreshadowing his fate with their culinary dinner menu? Either way, I think it defangs the "I spit on your grave" edge it would've had otherwise.


I have noticed that we've all been giving a "reprieve" as it were from the March 23 deadline as far as adult content is concerned. To be honest, I had a feeling that something like this would come of it, and my original thought was to put a "censored" marker in place of every caption that contained nudity, which isn't a huge part of my repertoire. I'm still concerned that they will censor our blogs, since much of our source material *IS* from adult sites, and I've yet to see that they would regard our work as original since we are re-purposing it into a new form like a remix.

Main thing though is that I wasn't going anywhere, and I certainly wasn't seriously thinking of Tumblr, as (1) their site is VERY disjointed and probably wouldn't allow me to be as verbose as I am here, and (2) they are VERY lax in sharing materials between creator and viewers. Since I don't put watermarks or anything else to "mark my work" I think it'd be hard ot keep track of what is my creative endeavor once it is in the wilds of Tumblr.

If'/when Blogger gets the itch again to scratch their puritan leanings, I'll probably convert this into a Wordpress blog and host it elsewhere. One thought was to host it on the Haven servers as a test case for perhaps archiving other's blogs .. maybe as supplemental income to keep the Haven running. Its current around 2k per year to keep going so all donations help! I hadn't talked to Rachel about it though so that is now deep on the backburner once the capitulation from Blogger happened.


So, I think the big question is, "Are you back now Dee?" and I can give you the honest answer, of, "Maybe sorta kinda?" I am in a better mood, but as you have read, it's been a tough week, and I always try to have a number of captions in the pipeline to keep people coming back every 1-2 days.

As of this posting, I think I have 2 captions I can post that haven't been seen here before, unless I once again go WAY back into the Dark-hives which I am loathe to do since it has gotten to the point that it is VERY jarring to contrast my current work with the early work I have kept to the Haven. I am not embarrassed by the quality, but it looks nothing like my work for the last 4-5 years.

I have Saturday off, and if I have time, I am going to try to put a few hours in making captions but I'm not going to force it. If it flows, then all is well. If not, I'll play around later. I think a post every 2-3 days could be feasible for the time being though, and there is a possible DIY Challenge already to be put up in March as well. Thank you for being with me every step of the way to where I can get my mojo workin' again. Good times are coming, I strongly feel that and you are welcome to ride along!


  1. Good to see you back even if it's only a maybe or sort of, Dee. Really like this caption! I know you've had a rough week or so, and I hope things are getting better. By the way, you have great taste in music:)

  2. I saw your rough week, and can only offer prayers and best wishes, nothing practical. I am glad that everyone involved on your end is healthy and well and happy to see that you are still kinda sorta maybe captioning.

    I too noticed the whole blogger thing - did you get an e-mail as well? Reading around suggests that only blogs that got an e-mail were ever actually under any threat. The invitation to self-censor (always more effective and chilling than top-down censorship) was what I found the most disquieting part of this whole affair. It was almost sinister and as we still don't know what caused the flurry of activity I am left somewhat fearful. If you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear, the old totalitarian lie, was in full effect.

    Anyway, now I'm waxing verbose, good caption, glad to see you back-ish after the week you've had. Take your time and we'll be waiting.


  3. To be honest, I read an even darker version in it. Not his prospects, but his fate sealed. Great cap.

    Whatever the reason for the reversal. In the end, Google wants to make money, and they do like to seek the borders of what's allowed. They haven't been fined with their Street View activities, collecting data in several countries, just for the fun of it, but because they broke privacy laws. The exodus and deletion of blogs probably costs more money than they can make with the new policy. As long as that's the case, blogs like yours are in the clear. It is a pity that there has been damage done by this situation, as some bloggers just deleted their blog.
    I do think it would be wise for bloggers to set up a backup, so they can move over fast and easy, just in case.

    Glad your daughter is okay, and a good thing they caught the woman who caused the accident. You'd never get full closure on the matter without that.

  4. Hi Dee great to see you back in some capacity and with a fantastic caption. i do hope that you and your daughter well be fighting fit real soon.
    Been s*** in blogger land to has'nt it Time to rebuild i guess. I had a rant on my own blog and a suggestion also
    would love to hear your opinion on it when you have time to have a look
    but understand that you have more pressing problems.