Friday, October 24, 2014

Deep Thoughts? Not If *I* Can Help It!

Autumn is a time of change. A time to shed the banal and burst forth with color!

Slowly catching up to what caption debt I had, and about 4-5 captions ahead of the blog so I'm good for the next week or so here. As Halloween grows closer, I'm hoping the spirit of fun will drive me to some good TG caption inspiration.

This caption was made for Jinny (Jezebel) from the Haven, and she likes the outdoors, and one of her personas is a wood sprite pixie sort of being, so I specifically went looking for something with the autumn leaves as a background. Being in the Northeast, we (usually) get an eruption of bright colors amongst the foliage just like the caption photo. I wanted it to be reflective, and since Mother Nature gives us this hue of oranges, yellows and red, why not use her as a method of change?

When I saw this picture, I just KNEW it was the one to draw out some modestly deep thoughts, but I ended up pulling back some. I mean, its a TG caption, not a sequel to Thoreau .. "Walden Pond: The Quickening!" As I put it in the post to Jinny's Trading Folder:
Started this one the other day and hit a snag.. Wanted to say something profound and then decided, fuck it! Sometimes the best things in life are just laying around with a good friend enjoying the moment for what it is. Little moments are what really makes the world go round and right now we are awash in foliage here in New England.
 I hope that in the next 2+ months, everyone reading here gets the chance to just hang out with friends and family. Once Halloween ends, it can be a frantic pace to life as we rush about, picking out gifts for the holidays, appeasing everyone's travel schedules, and whatnot. Make sure that the bustle doesn't overwhelm you. Please try to make sure you schedule some time each week for some quiet solitude for yourself, and some time for a relaxing activity for you and those close to you. Sometimes, you'll find that "wasting time" isn't a waste at all!

A band from my neck of the woods, with Tanya Donnelly forming Throwing Muses, The Breeders, and Belly. She was a big part of the alternative scene in Boston through the 90's and still records solo material now and again.

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  1. Love this caption, as it reflects my feelings very well.
    I like to watch the forests burst into color on my side of the globe as wel, while walking in the woods. A friend has an appartment on the 9th floor in a building on the edge of the city, near the forest. A wonderful view he has from his balcony.

    I listened to quite a bit to the bands that Tanya Donelly played in from the late 80's, but since the turn of the milennium somehow that became very rare.

    LOL, the Breeders. Kim Deal being also a member of the Pixies is very fitting for a cap made for Jinny.