Sunday, October 26, 2014

Katie and Hailey are Face to Face ..

... Whether Patrick and Hunter wanted to or not!

I think we can tell from the title that this was written for Katie Mills and Hailey Pixley, right? I saw the tights and thought, I haven't made one for them in some time. It was actually for Katie "officially" as a trade, but I figured putting Hailey in there would be the icing on the cake for both of them.

Here's what I wrote in her trading folder:
Well, I wrote this and then checked out your preferences again. Well, it did mention sissy, and I have a feeling your girlfriend is going to take you down that route if this caption is any indication!
Luckily, she responded with the following:
Wonderful cap Dee! I miss Hailey, do you have any idea where she went to? She was my first friend in the community when I decided to stop being a lurker. Then my second was you... I hope she returns.
I directed her to the previous post, and I'm hoping she caught up with it as I didn't want to put out the information to TOO many people out there. Its one of the reasons she disappeared in the first place.

I really like this caption, for a few reasons. One is that the embarrassment level is pretty high, not in how its written per se, but the idea of being dressed that way in a very vulnerable situation, especially since they both weren't expecting it. Kind of hard to feel any sort of confidence or control when you are standing in front of your best friend dressed up like that, AND in front of HIS girlfriend too! I also left a subtle layer in there about them liking the feel of hose on their legs in that perhaps with the hug and kiss, they can feel the others legs rubbing up against there's, which could also cause some arousal between them, further heightening the embarrassment between them. "Ahhh, I am dressed like a chick in front of my best friend who is also dressed like me AND I'm enjoying it! Am I gay now, or is it because he looks pretty, or what?" Hell, they are both in a feminine position with a leg lifted up. I can't imagine a more girly approach to offering affection towards another.

I also like the caption because it isn't your standard Domme/Sissy arrangement, or at least not right now. I think the girlfriends are doing it the right way,m and bringing them along slowly, with THIS being the turning point. Each step had led the four of them to the present situation. I would like to think that they are going to do some sort of sexual congress, whether its the girls using a strap-on or perhaps just letting the "boys" eat them out .. "lesbians do lots of that, and right now you we are all lesbians." They are keeping them on a path that rewards them for doing what the girls want them to do, and since their best friend knows about it, there is that added pressure to conform.

Which goes to my last point, that they get to experience this situation together. The girls are making them BFF's in a feminine way, which is almost the same thing they were, but with the added feminine touch. Perhaps this will lead them even closer together, regardless of what happens sexually between them .. and at some point you would think that they would be curious, or guided to it by their girlfriends. I bet that being a sissy can be a lonely thing in real life, even if you are doing it with a wife/girlfriend. The dynamic just isn't the same, and its not likely someone from work would ever want to hear about you wearing frilly panties, etc ... In this case, they and their girlfriends have each other to bounce ideas, share their thoughts, and support each other. Hell, in this situation, if they are all the same size, they've increased their wardrobe fourfold!

I know we aren't near each other in real life (or maybe we are!) but this is what the Internet is all about, being close by our special interests. Its a support group that, even with our differences, IS there for each other, think and thin. We listen, learn, and share our experiences. When we hear about difficulties in real life, we console and elevate those that are suffering. We miss people when they leave, and hope that they know they'll be with us always. To you all, I offer you a hug and a kiss .. with leg lifted!


  1. Thanks Dee, it really was a wonderful cap. It seems like forever since I was capping all the time. Actually I just received a email from a friend who follows a lot of blogs that asked if Hailey and I were the same person. Lol! She said it was strange that her blog was taken down around the same time I started up again. My response was simple. Hailey is much more articulate then me and a better writer. I assured her that we were not the same person and that Hailey and I were friends. Truth! Just two gals that share a lot of the same interests.

    Hailey was the first person who started commenting on my blog. Probably for the same reason that this cap you made fits us so perfectly. Hailey is responsible for helping me come up with some of my favorite universe characters. For instance, Liz, was created by me and Hailey one night just bouncing ideas off one another. She made a few caps for my blog and I convinced her to start her own blog because her caps were wonderful.

    I do miss Hailey but I'm sure as soon as things get ironed out she will be back. One way or another.

    xoxoxo Katie Mills

    1. Hailey is a sweetie and so are you!

      As you can tell from the amount of writeup I put into the post, I enjoyed making it, especially since I enjoy pantyhose pictures and hose in general. I'm also glad that you really liked it. Hopefully Hailey will see it at some point and know that we are definitely thinking about her while she's away.