Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Leeanne Is a Computer Wiz!

Give her a tool, and she's totally hands on!

Yeah, I saw the picture online and came up with a good plot and figured I'd make it for Leeanne since its pretty much straight up cross dressing. I don't recall too many stories that are like it, especially in TG Caption form. All sorts of "dirty tricks" can happen in a corporate setting, and it wouldn't surprise me if some large companies have had a similar case where an enterprising IT guy pasted a female co-workers body on a porno picture. The reason I didn't go THAT route is it is obvious there would be a lawsuit. With a picture like this, there is plausible denial that it COULD be her, but she's too much of a prude to wear an outfit that shows off her legs like that. In this case, its not a reputation wrecker, but more of a suggestion of something risqué underneath the surface and she's mad it got out, not that someone photoshopped her face onto another body.

Pretty much from the get go, I was writing it as a "she is complaining about what happened but would never know who did it because she wouldn't dream of it being the person she's complaining to." Then of course there is the satisfaction "Larry" would have with the outcome as a severe ego boost! I know it is more likely that TG enthusiasts and sissies would be more likely to photoshop their face over a models for gratification, but if you've got it, why not flaunt it?


  1. I have always been told my legs are one of my best features. So, You got that part right Dee. Come t think of it, I'm also a very hands on girl. LOL.

    Thanks for the caption. I love it!!



    1. Glad you enjoyed it. I knew you had sexy legs which is why i made it for you! Now I wonder who has the better butt .. you or Kaaren?

  2. Lovely cap. I wish I had legs like that.