Thursday, July 17, 2014

Leeanne's More Than Just an Empty Suit!

Time to clean out the closet and get a new wardrobe!

Made this for Leeanne, as a reward for being a comment away from my 3,000th. Had this picture saved for a bit on my hard drive and I think it works well for what I had in mind. I probably condensed the story a bit too much to make sure it fit within the confines I had given it, especially once it hit the shower scene, but I think everyone here is capable of coloring in between the lines. Why don't you go down to the comments and tell me what parts of the story I left out? In addition, how do you think the boss responded to Leeanne's appearance back at the old firm?

They sound horrible now, but Ratt wasn't too bad back in the day, and my goodness, did they get all the girls there horned out and ready for anything! Oh the ozone those ladies killed though with Aqua Net!


  1. Dear Dee,

    I hope this means I'm number 3,000!.

    So, what happened upon my arrival at work dressed in the new outfit my wife purchased for me? Well, as you might have expected, there was some resistance. At first. There was actually a bit of an uproar with the Managing Partner, who let everyone know that he would get to the bottom of things and find out why one of the firms best attorneys had suddenly rebelled against the office dress code.

    He summoned me to his office and demanded an explanation. Yes. He was very resistant. At first. At least he was up until I closed the door to his office. He was resistant until I walked around to the other side of his desk. He was resistant until I slowly unbuttoned the top several buttons on my white blouse. He was resistant until I began unbuckling his belt. He was resistant until I unfastened and unzipped his dark, office dress code complying, trousers. He was resistant until I snaked my manicured, red tipped fingers inside of his trousers and wrapped them around his already hardening cock. He was resistant until I slowly shimmied down to my knees. He was resistant until I looked upward, wantingly, into his eyes. He was resistant until I positioned the head of his long, thick, cock softly against my bright red lips. He was resistant until I opened my mouth and asked, "Are you sure we can't re-write that dress code Mr. Hopkins?" and then swallowed him like a porn star. It was then that his resistance gave way.

    That afternoon Mr. Hopkins convinced the rest of the partners to write a "special exception" amendment to the office dress code.

    So, change can happen. Even in stodgy law firms.

    Thank you very much Dee sweetie.



  2. This is a standout caption. Yes, it could be longer but it doesn't NEED to be. Love the image as well on it as well.

    1. What! No reaction to the "rest of the story," as told by the featured sissy? Pout!

  3. With Lees excitement it took a long while to get chastity containment on, the hair and make up nails and of course breast forms at every turn made this a necessity if the short skirt was not to be in decent.
    Then came the look in the mirror sure there could be more colour. higher heels redder lips but the new Leeanne
    knew there would be enough shocks come the morning......,
    (next day) Good god man what has got in to you said the flustered Mr Hopkins I.. I well fire you err no demote
    you to the secretary pool... oh f*** promote you to my P A...... no fire you.....Maybe.....
    Leeanne crossed her long stocking legs Smiled " I see I well have to help you make up your mind"

  4. Lovely cap Dee, and Leeanne's an Ian's follow up are as well.