Monday, January 20, 2014

Working 9 to 5 .. and 6 to midnight!

Sometimes you have to take advantage of the situation presented to you!

Any other bloggers out there noticing a big increase in the amount of spam comments? Blogger does block them out very nicely, but popping on to find you have 31 spam messages in that folder over a 60 hour period does seem excessive, especially since I cleaned it out on Friday morning. Oh Well!

Made this one for Hailey's Caption Challenge #13 where she supplied the picture and you made a caption around it. If something grabs me with the picture, I'll usually whip something up and this photo did a good job of evoking a sort of "Working Girl" theme where she was swapping shoes to go from work to something else. Those boots implied something sexier than a basic job, so my imagination took over. Hailey and the readers tend to be a more realistic sort of captioner so I went with more of a cross-dressing theme. Black shoes, Black boots .. Blackmail! There is the underlying theme of the caption!

The fun part is that its already been accepted somehow that Damien is dressing like that at work and it doesn't seem to be a big deal to Damien's co-worker or friend. The first line is there to hopefully make you think the caption is going a certain way, and then wanders off to something totally different, something that will keep people interested in the rest of the story.

We never do find out how Damien ended up in the situation to begin with, and its exactly what I wanted to convey. Is Damien actually transgendered in the caption, blackmailed into this position at his job, demoted and made ot wear secretarial clothing a la Belladonna's stories, or something else I haven't thought of yet? I don't think it really matters, because its in the past, and Damien and his chat mate don't need to rehash the situation, just the latest development.

Just a reminder that we still have a DIY challenge happening HERE and the deadline is probably Wednesday for that. I picked a photo that was a bit more challenging than usual, so I hope you'll all take a shot at writing something for it.


  1. saw this on Hailey's last night a great caption with a nice blackmail twist.

    1. Since I made it for her site, I wanted to make sure it went up first there before I posted it here.

      Professional courtesy and all that stuff LOL

  2. Great cap. I read into the caption that Damien presenst himself as male in his daytime job, but his co-workers are aware of him dressing up, for whatever reason. Maybe his CEO put him in skirts in the first place. That would sweeten the blackmail even more.