Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Guess Who's Coming Home for Dinner .. the Boss!

Well, your wife's boss, who used to .. well, read the fucking caption!

Got to work from home today due to the snowstorm, and I ended up getting a fuckton done, along with shoveling my car out, along with the GF's car so she could head to work (her boss is a shit heel!) Nothing like a light, fluffy snow that makes you feel like a real man for clearing it out, but not heavy enough to throw out your back. I'll take snowstorms like these every time!

I wanted to make some new captions, and try to work on some trades as well, since we've had an influx of  new traders at the Haven. I ended up making a pregnancy one that I'll post at some point, one based off a shitty movie that was riffed by MST3k, and this one, which was influenced by one of Leeanne's latest posts about her true life experiences being a cuckolded sissy with her cheerleader.

Well, I was thinking about that when I came across this picture, and figured it would make a good story, fleshed out a few embarrassing details to his dilemma, and amped up the humiliation a bit too. All in good fun and I kept the names out of it so people can put themselves in the situation if they would like to, although I guess that being a lawyer helps! Then again, I must have what, hundreds of sissy lawyers reading my blog everyday!

Everyone stay warm and toasty these next few weeks as we deal with the polar vortex, even if we have to wear flannel lingerie to do so!


  1. This is simply Dee-lightful! So happy to have been even the tiniest inspiration to you sweet Dee! Skip, skip, skip!!!



    P.S. I love Jackson Browne! His music silly! Okay. He's cute too...

    1. Well, I could never match the prolific detail of your writings, but I can try to boil them down to moments in time fairly well so that's what I do!

  2. reality and fantasy sometimes best they never meet.

  3. I don't think it matters if his cooking isn't delicious. He turned out that way, as did this cap.