Sunday, January 19, 2014

A Football Prank Gone Too Far!

The team needs a Hail Mary now! Looks like backfields are in motion!

Made this one the other day while I was in the spirit of the Patriots making it to another AFC Championship game, though this time its in Denver, instead of Foxboro, MA. It flavored the DIY post I made which co-starred Caitlyn, and football was still in my mind when I saw this picture posted somewhere on the internet.

Like many captions I make, it was influenced by the Brady Bunch television show. The one I was thinking of is when Greg steals the mascot of the rival high school, which is a goat. I guess they took it literally to "Get their Goat!" Anyway, the idea of playing practical jokes on the other team has a long tradition, although they tend to frown upon it now, as its not really considered youthful exuberance, but either vandalism or petty larceny and trespassing.

I just took that idea to its logical TG conclusion, and passed the savings on to you, my loyal, faithful blog followers. Hopefully it gets a slight giggle from you, and also reminds you that this is the LAST Sunday for awhile you'll get two professional football games to watch! Oh God! That means that winter is TRULY here and its bleak on Sunday afternoons until next Autumn. What am I possibly going to do on Sundays after this week? I'll take people's suggestions in the comment section!


  1. What if that really happened to Tom Brady and Peyton Manning? Oh my!!!!

  2. Replies
    1. Yeah. Both our teams lost! Oh well, there is always next year!

  3. YES, TOY DOLLS, WHOOHOO. Seeing Olga and company live is always a feast. Seriously (who, them?) when the first chords strike is seems that everybody is in an instant good party mood.

    You already set a great mood for me with your caption.
    Being turned into a girl, and have to listen to boy bands? *Shudder.*

    1. They don't usually tour here, so if you've gotten to see them live, I am very jealous!