Monday, October 28, 2013

Steffi's Definitely Up to ... Something!

I think there is certainly some trouble brewing for Ron!!

I try not to make captions for Steffi/Britney that involve naked models .. not only because they are unrealistic for the stories that she likes, but also I think its probably a bit more explicit than she likes BUT I'm hoping she'll make an exception for this one. I saw the photo and immediately a story popped into my head for her, and I just HAD to caption it!

I think that everything in the picture lined up perfectly for what I wanted to say. Somehow this image just screams, "Brother trying to get his sister in trouble and gets in way over his head!" and I can think of many delicious ways to keep the story going past the ending of this caption.

I mean, does Tammy start blackmailing Steffi with all her pictures of him all dressed up or expose him to everyone he knows, including his family and friends? Does Damien get a date to the prom or did Tammy have Damien set up Ron ahead of time to "catch" Steffi posing? Hell, does Tammy make Steffi dress up his best friend and also take part in photos too? It can go in so many different ways. If you have something else in mind, post it below in the comments!

I think I'm about 8k away from breaking my previous best month for page views so keep popping in and keep an eye on this blog as we get closer and closer to Halloween. I should be posting my "Scare the Girl into him" caption on October 31st and I think I have a few other things I can post in between.


  1. Lovely cap.
    And Ron could have set it all up, to make the rest think they can blackmail him, while having the time of his life. Looking at the models face, she has the smile for that.

    You are raising expectations for Jinny's Halloween game. It's a good thing we don't have to wait much longer.

  2. yes lots of ways to read this one I read it as tammy blackmailing Ron to be Steffi from now on