Sunday, October 27, 2013

Hailey's Nightmare on Elm St .. The Dream Worriers! w/ a DIY

Don't wanna dream no more .. but definitely wants to keep shopping!

Here's a bit of strangeness I made with Hailey in mind, since the model's legs are wrapped in some bright blue tights. What really attracted me to the photo though was the photographs on the floor, and what role they played in the composition of the picture as a whole. The model herself has that quizzical look of puzzlement and I wanted to play up that angle in my story.

I just started writing, and knew that it would be confusing, which is fine with me, as I am not quite sure I wanted to solve the mystery for her, or for us either. The caption gives resolution to Hailey, at least according to the way the information is being perceived by her at the moment, but the reader should of course read a bit more into it. The way our lives are lived, we can only use deductive reasoning to figure out life the best we can, and hindsight is only afforded to us AFTER the fact.

I haven't really felt well all this week, probably due to the changing of the weather and my sinuses have been draining into my chest, causing body aches, dry mouth, sore throat, and just general misery. Because of that, I've been hanging on the computer more than usual and I made up a few little TG diversions to amuse myself, which I shall be posting over the next week. I have some gender war propaganda made up, and a few more blog exclusives like the caption above. Also, I figured I would try another DIY Captioning treat for readers of the blog.

Write up a story for this caption setting. You can put it in the comment section below, or if you belong to the Haven, you can PM it to me there if you don't want people to see it before I publish the results in a week or so. This can be fun for those of you that don't have the time or patience to create captions .. just write up a suitable story and I'll plug it into the caption! Easy Peasy!

I LOVE that friggin' guitar! Its called "Mr. Scary" and I am not sure it exists anymore :(


  1. Rhonda was worried. Dee had told her to go get her a coffee, and was tired
    Of all the Starbucks. But what did she like? Well this wasn't so Bad but it was July, and everyone was
    staring at how he was dressed. Who wore a jacket in July.

  2. Always up for a bit of strangeness, especially like this. ;) Very, very cool--my own take on that pic was much more tame the day after Christmas 2012.

  3. What a great cap Dee!! A wonderful spin on the story as a whole. I wish I was the one trying to break up with you.. Lol! 😉

    Xoxoxo Katie Mills

  4. love the caption.
    as for a caption. The 1950s. fabulous new shop, amazing products from around the world and new fashions and colour but also as Tony had found out to his cost a new freedom for women and proto feminism.
    (could leave it here for a Dee type cap ? or if to vague add ) as Tony could not adapt to becoming a new age man then Heather his wife had made him an old fashioned housewife.

  5. Very philosophical cap with the typical Dee touch. It has the ring of ancient Chinese wisdom to it.
    Transformations and dreams are very old themes in literature and philosophy. I love it when it comes together in such a great way.