Saturday, April 27, 2013

Looking Closely .. Can You See It Clearly?

I just knew this picture would come in handy someday!

Sorry I haven't been around much, but I've been busy with some real life stuff and I've been glued to the TV for the NFL draft. I want to know what all the teams are doing to upgrade and who all these new players are. The irony is that I HATE college football. Then again, this is just boiling down all the best players from college that will move on and hopefully make impacts on new teams that I actually DO CARE ABOUT! The patriots traded down and took some players I know nothing about, but hopefully in a few months I will know what they can do and hopefully that is get the Patriots to another Super Bowl win!!

I had this picture saved for awhile but hadn't used it. Anytime I did, it just didn't quite seem to work the way I wanted to so I just let it sit in a folder in my D'archives til I had something worthy plot wise to meld together perfectly. It probably was Wendy's preferences that helped the story develop. Being submissive but drawing other people into that trap seemed like a great idea and it worked well with the photo. With the model right in the middle, it gave me the good balance to have both the mirror and her dialog bounce back and forth across the surface, without killing the flow of text .. and while it ping pongs back and forth, you have to keep looking at her face and body, drawing you in further.

While at first I thought it was a basic caption, I think it does much more than meets the eye. There is no doubt that the picture is what sells the caption .. its a sizzling picture! But I think the story and design makes a great framework around it, and really enhances it in a way that another approach might not have elevated it as much as this does.

I am glad that Wendy enjoyed it, and its gotten a few more comments than most of my recent work:
What a wonderful job, to help other girls be free. Thank you Dee, it is perfect. Also an amazing coincidence as I was working on mirror series for you as well.Thank you dear, it means so much to me. Kisses, Wendy.
I am hoping to get some captioning done tomorrow, though if its nice out that might just fly out the window. I have such spring fever and the need for some good weather to shine upon my head! Maybe I can do a bit of both?!? Perhaps we'll also have a posting here on Saturday night or Sunday. Keep popping in and maybe there will be something new awaiting you!

and if you aren't in the mood for metal, I give you the following somewhat obscure song from Sparks

Which would probably be a good song inspiration for a TG caption!


  1. I agree, a great pic makes for a great cap. I actually noticed the framing of the image too, making me feel very clever, and it really works. Lots of stuff going on with colours too, I thought.

    1. Well, the framing of the dialog makes your eyes go back and forth .. back and forth .. you have no choice but to move them .. back and forth. Doesn't that feel relaxing to just let them go .. back and forth?

  2. The titties are perfect Dee. Perfect.

  3. Great cap Dee. Although having my eyes pass over the lovely model did make reading the cap slower than normal!

    And why do you hurt me so much? You HATE college football? Not just hate... but all caps shouting at my beloved sport HATE!? While you watch the draft looking to the future, I watch it with tears knowing that I'll miss each and every player that moves on.

    1. Well, its not exactly HATE, but perhaps a strong dislike?

      I hate the fact that they are supposed to be amateurs, so they don't get paid .. officially. However the coaches get paid millions, the schools take in BILLIONS, many of them are functionally illiterate yet get scholarships to attend for free .. and many end up getting paid anyway by shady alumni that gamble thousands of dollars on the outcomes.

      Then you throw in the NCAA bowl structure where they've refused to go to a playoff format to actually pick the best team in that year, so that the big schools can protect their HUGE sums of profit. The NFL is complicit by making the kids attend school for at least 2-3 years before allowing them to enter the NFL, when many are probably good enough at age 19 to do so, to protect both their financial streams of money AND perpetrate the "Student Athlete" fraud.

      Lastly, there are SO many colleges out there playing, and most are just feeder schools for 63-10 wins to make the teams BCS rankings better. They might as well just hire the Washington Generals to play against them .. at least we'd see a bucket of confetti every once in awhile!

      Sooooo, maybe I DO harbor some hate for College Football huh?

      Sorry about that Caitlyn. I will watch sometimes if I'm out with friends and there is a college game where two teams that are closely ranked are playing. Those types of games can be very exciting, especially when you think that many of those guys will remember that game as a highlight of their life 20 years later when they are the sales manager of a car lot.

    2. I watch the college game, and I even enjoy the college game, but I don't feel good about it because EVERY WORD DEE JUST WROTE IS TRUE! And I do HATE hypocrisy! But I love Caitlyn, so I hope that helps. By the way, "Hail to the Redskins!" But Tom Brady is soooooo cute!

      Kiss kiss,


    3. I certainly don't want to have a debate about college football on one of my favorite blogs... but I just can't help it. There is something to most of what you say, but I still love the amateur game as opposed to professional sports. First and foremost there is just so much changing from year to year. Not from trading players or drafting new ones, but from the players learning the game and maturing both as players as well as young men. Every team know that they only have these players for three or four years and then have to hope that they've recruited well enough to continue their success (or turn around their failures).

      I don't think that you can say that all or even most of the colleges take in all that much money. Sure there are schools like Michigan (GO BLUE!), Alabama, and USC that pull a profit off of their sports departments. But the vast majority of schools lose money on athletics. Football generates the most money, but that money is most often used to finance other 'non revenue' sports like volleyball, lacrosse, hockey, track and field, tennis, wrestling and many others. And when the big schools make a 'profit' from their athletic departments it's not as though that money is going into some owners wallet or out to some share holders. It goes back into the university. And even putting money aside, having a large athletics department helps bring students into the college. More students means that the college or university can offer more programs of study.

      I certainly wouldn't say that the student athletes don't get paid. Sure, money isn't changing hands, but getting a free four year education, especially at the bigger academic schools like Notre Dame (I think I just spit up a little in my mouth writing out that name), Stanford, Northwestern, Texas and Michigan is worth a lot for those that won't go on to play professionally. And a four year degree from any college isn't something to just sneeze at.

      As for the NCAA and the bowls... well the NCAA doesn't have anything to do with it. They don't run the bowls or even sanction them. Division 1A (or FBS as they want to call it now) football's championship is completely separate from the NCAA. And starting next year there will be a four team playoff.

      I think that even if the NFL allowed high school grads to come in directly, you'd still have a monster in College Football. While I agree that the NFL is doing this for their own benefit, I think it still helps out the athletes to attend college before becoming a professional athlete. it's the rare high school grad that is mature enough to make such a leap. College gives them time not only to improve their athletic ability, but to become a more mature adult.

      I do completely agree with you on the scheduling of 'lesser' schools just to get a win. Although that did bite Michigan in the ass in 2007 when they lost to Division IAA team (or FCS as they want to call it now) Appalachian State. Thankfully my favorite conference (B1G) has just reshuffled their priorities. They are directing their member schools to no longer schedule FCS schools, and even encouraging them to schedule more 'equivalent' football teams. We'll see how that works out in the future.

  4. hey sparks....COOL Think I well have to go and dust down some of the old vinyl

  5. Reminds me of another caption called "House on The Hill ". In it a young man inherits a spooky, old mansion, which is rumored to be haunted. He enters the house and begins exploring the rooms one by one ; he finds one with an antique mirror covered by a sheet and it has carvings and runes on it. Older than he thinks it could be, he begins looking at it closely and is startled to see a woman naked in the mirror staring back at him. Its not his reflection ; but rather something else.. It was was on an old trans-gender site called "Oturus's Captions or World " ; sadly it's defunct. Your caption is very good. More soon ?

  6. A mesmerizing caption, and I believe you caught Wendy perfectly.
    Anvil and the Sparks, you spoil me:)

  7. Great!!! Everything about it! Love hypnosis-themed tg stuff.