Sunday, April 28, 2013

Beginning to Understand!

Empathy is a great trait to have!

Wrote this little quickie for Commentator (Dawn) sometime Saturday night. Based off her preferences and her profile of having worked at a newspaper for over 18 years I saw this picture and the ending came right to me, so it was a matter of placing it in a setting and writing it all down. I think it took about 10 minutes from seeing the picture to the completion.

I hope that everyone is enjoying the weekend. I know that Saturday was quite lovely and I went outside and cleaned out the car a bit, then when the GF came home from work, we hit an ice cream place that had reopened for the summer about two weeks ago. I had a scoop of ginger ice cream which was hella good. it had the consistency and a bit of a taste of marshmallow fluff.

Today, we took my daughter and her boyfriend out to dinner. He's just about done fixing up an old Acura Legend he snagged for a few hundred bucks. I can't wait to see what it looks like, and it should be on the road next week. After that, we headed out to the grocery store to pick up some items, and I snagged a Nintendo DS stylus that I'm hoping will work on my cell phone for when I need to text. I'm not really getting the hang of swype. This cell phone is the first one I've had without a physical keyboard and I've avoided texting because the phone has no idea what I want it to say!

Glad to see that people like the music that I choose to highlight in these posts. 99 percent of the time it has something to do, however tangential, with either the caption or the discussion. I hope everyone tries to figure out how they tie in together if the choice seems esoteric.

Bands like this one and Sparks .. I was exposed to them when I was much younger. One of the early bands I was in, the guitarist was like 15 years older than I was, and he made me a whole bunch of cassettes with things like this on it. I really should've been born about 10 years earlier musically.


  1. Having torn my eyes from your last caption I can say I like this one too.

    I do like to try and work out your musical links, I can't say I always get it, but you do give me an education in different musical stylings that I would otherwise forget.

    Reading this I get the much more pedestrian "Paperback Writer" in my head - easily linked, especially your reference to vapid writing and the eponymous character in the song providing copy for Daily Hei- Fai- Mail.

  2. Great Cap.
    I like the change of heart (Joe Jackson), And with "Magazine" I have the feeling you didn't chose them for their name alone, but you chose it for the title as well.
    "Touch and go" Like Dawn making a caption. She touches you with a caption, and is gone to someone else to touch with her captions. Fortunately she comes back.

    of course, the music itself is great listening material as well.
    I can relate to the feeling of being born too late, in terms of music. And ooh, casettes. I still have some. Whitch made me remember, Once upon a time computers ran on casettes. I wouldn't want that back.

    "the phone has no idea what I want it to say!" And they call it a smart phone?

    1. As someone that enjoys reading about retro-computing, I know of many computers that had cassette decks, like the Commodore Vic 20. My first computer was a Commodore 64 but I had a floppy drive with it (the 1541) and a thermal printer (Okimate 10) attached. I loved it because it actually had multi-note polyphany, which many synths didn't have.

      I still have a bunch of live and unreleased bootleg cassettes somewhere in my closet. I bought a cassette to mp3 converter for my computer but still haven't hooked it up yet. I need to add that to my list of things to do!

  3. Acceptance is the first step on the path to redemption...and that outfit's helping, too. ;)