Saturday, March 2, 2013

Balls of Chocolate Fury! .. and February Stats!

What did you expect .. cinnamon buns?

I actually made FIVE captions today, and the one above was the "palate cleanser" so to speak. It didn't have a recipient in mind when I wrote it so it'll be a blog exclusive. I think that THIS caption is a good indicator of WHY I make 99 percent of my captions for trades with someone who has preferences that I want to work with. Its not a horrible caption, but it doesn't really DO anything for me, other than let me say BALLS a number of times. Maybe this is a case like Caitlyn's mindset where others think its better than the creator, but I'm just not seeing it! All four other captions BLOW this one out of the fucking water, and I should be posting them over the next week or two!


There is a caption on the way to Hailey Pixley of A Tights Spot because Katie and I are trying to get her to join the Haven and start trading captions. Figured I could give her a per-emptive trade caption to see how much fun it can be to have captions made for you, which can bring just as much joy as making captions for yourself. This one will have Katie and Hailey as sisters, so THAT should be a whole hell of a lot of chaos and madness, don't you think?

If you are in the mood for contests, the March Caption Contest has started at the Haven, and this months topic is "NERDY GIRLS NEED LOVE TOO!" so head over there if you have a great idea that has been burning your brain with its intense heat and NEEDS to be put into caption form.

Even though it was a short month, this blog still hit 105k for the month of February. I am quite proud of that, and we have been cranking here since October. We've had over 1700 comments since we started on 352 posts.  A Cock in the Hand is Worth Two for a Bush? seems to have been the most popular caption this month by over 700 hits over the 2nd place finisher, Swimming in the Secretarial Pool with Sara! I think it shows quite the dichotomy of this blog, a conflagration of the quasi-profane and the quirky. I am not sure what that means or if it makes sense, but it SOUNDS smart, doesn't it?


  1. I have heard of this "sisters" cap from the sister in question, and I have to say that I'm both very flattered and very excited to see the outcome! =) As I told Katie, I promise that I'm trying SO hard to find time to get into everything the Haven has to offer...and it will happen. It will be mine. Oh, yes--it will be mine. ;) hehe

    1. I definitely can understand the time aspect of it. For me, since most of the captions I make are for trades anyway, I post them both at the Haven for the recipient and here on the blog. I tend to get about the same amount of comments there as I do here, maybe one or two less there ... but of course I have discussion topics here as opposed to just the caption in their folder.

      I hope I didn't hype the caption for you too much. Its a standard "Dee" caption just made for you and Katie. I think yuo'll think its fun at the very least!

  2. Well, you may not be satisfied with the outcome of your caption, I enjoyed it anyway.
    But that may just be because Chef's chocolate balls popped in my mind as soon as I read the title. Anyway, I guess the pleasure is mine.