Friday, March 1, 2013

Victoria's Taking Aim .. and Dee-briefs!

I really DO give the best birthday gifts .. if you are on my GOOD side!

Well, lube my ass and call me Ishmael .. its the weekend! Thank Goddess for that! Not only have I been doing regular work, but I took on two side jobs trying to fix peoples' computers (aka you REALLY should've updated to XP service pack 3 ummmm, FIVE years ago!) and I've been doing peoples' taxes as well. I've also been trying to avoid the stomach bug and sinus infections that pretty much everyone around me has gotten. If I've been pissy or catty toward you, I don't mean you any harm .. trust me! So this weekend will hopefully be a time of rest and relaxation, with the chance that I might actually get some time to caption more thoroughly than I have had in quite some time!

Other than some "lazy" work at work which involved going through a bunch of photo directories and trying to find the right images to fit into our "banner slide show" on the main page, it was a pretty mellow day, so I visited a few TG Blogs to pass the time. Great to see that the quality of captions in general has risen over the last few years to where even "newbies" are producing good solid work. Doesn't seem like there is as much of a learning curve as their used to be, and that means what we do is more accessible to everyone.


Why the lube reference above? Well, if you read JEZEBEL like I do, there is an interesting article about a book that has come out. The article is called, "If You Want a More Thoughtful Boyfriend, Try Pegging Him" which states:
"Want to make straight men better in bed — and better feminist allies? The path may be simple: fuck them up the ass. According to one brand new book, the path to making men more compassionate, appreciative and playful may be straight through their butts."
Most of it is claptrap (the book, not necessarily the author of the article) from a person that seems to think most men are still in the neanderthal realm, but it does make the assumption that anal sex is a dominant power trip. I am one to chirp in with, "DUH!" because I can't imagine a scenario where it wouldn't be ... can YOU provide one in the comments section?

Good news for comedy fans in the US. Apparently WHOSE LINE IS IT ANYWAY? is coming back on the air, with both Colin Mochrie and Ryan Stiles on the panel. No word on whether Wayne Brady will be back but Drew Carey will not be the host.

A REMINDER that I DO have a spot where you can ask questions, anonymously if you wish, at the top of the page called, "ASK DEE". Its not formspring, so I am able to keep it on a separate page. I try to answer questions as best I can and I have to check, but I don't think I have any left in the queue.

I really hope that you enjoy the musical pairing I provide with my captions and diatribes. I like to think of them as a bit of wine to accent the caption which is the main course and the focus of each posting. Usually it does have something to do with what I'm talking about, even tangentially.

I might post tomorrow (Saturday) depending on how much I get done in real life and in captioning. That way I will have SOMETHING for you to see over the weekend.

 You can find the movie musical this is from, "Devil's Carnival" on Netflix. Its made by the same people who created Repo: The Genetic Opera and has many of the same people in it. Most of the songs are wonderful, including a song by Ivan Moody from Five Finger Death Punch .. and this song just makes me melt like a caramel left on the dashboard of a car in July. Mmmmmm delicious!


  1. Very excited to hear about the new whose line is it anyway! I had heard Wayne Brady was signed on and that the host would be Aisha Tyler (LANA!) from FX's Archer. Of course, That all could be wrong.

    Really enjoyed the devils carnival, ending song grace for sale is probably my favorite song that's actually in the movie. It was a shame this song couldn't have been included, but I was very happy they added it to the end credits.

    It's a real annoyance that my Repo disc has seemingly crapped out on me...

    as for your question about anal sex, I think most of the time it is about dominating the other partner. But it can be easily flipped on it's head if the person receiving it is very demanding and practically pushing the giver to keep going. It all comes down to how they see the act and how they handle them self's really.

    1. Yes, I just read that Aisha Tyler will be the host. Not sure if they will be featuring her "Man Hands" LOL Archer of course is the best show on television right now, no questions asked.

      For Devil's Carnival, the only song I really didn't like too much was Kiss the Girls, which sucks cuz I really do like Alexa Vega.

      I thought that too about anal sex, but it can be hard to direct someone when they are behind you with something stuck in your ass!

  2. Ooops, almost forgot to comment.
    I dreamt away with the song from the Devil's Carnival, and got cought up in it a little. Well, there are worse things;-)
    Lovely caption about Lady Victoria.
    "I don't mean you any harm .. trust me!"
    Not even me??? I might get lonely :D

    1. Yes, I do wonder how they always seem to make Satan seem so seductive. Then again, if sins weren't so alluring, they'd be easy to resist the temptation!

    2. And then there are those who say that the Devil never lies, because he doesn't need to. He can seduce people with the truth alone, at least with those parts of it, which suit him best. My apologies, I seem to forget the nature of this blog.

    3. The allure of the mostly forbidden would certainly be a topic of discussion here sweetie. Discussions are a fertile part of how we create, and what you wrote definitely could inspire someone to make a caption based off of what you have posted here.

    4. I see, I also forgot to put my name under my previous comment ;-)
      But I see what you mean, while I have not made a caption, I have some ideas I'm working on, and several vague ones, but they are just that at the moment. Vague Ideas, a seed to fertilize, grow and cherish. Some of them I got during conversations with others.
      But don't hold your breath , waiting for the birth of my first caption. It will take some time, because I'm definitely taking the advice I got. "Take your time" and "do it at your own pace"

  3. That is a very good cap Dee. But I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed the walk back through memory lane in Nancy's boots. I don't know how many times I got of on that "sex" video back in the day. LOL

    1. I just watched it again, and for the first time I noticed there were FLAGS set up behind Nancy and the dancers. Talk about a cheap production cost! Not that anyone noticed, as I think they were all too busy looking at her legs! I think this video was to the 1960's was "Addicted to Love" was to the 1980's.

    2. I 100% agree. "Addicted to Love" was an amazing video!

  4. There's a whole lot of wonderful in this post. Great cap with a very sexy image. It sucks that you have to take the extra work, but it sounds like you've found some good side jobs. I used to do tech work and I always found it easy to take money from someone that couldn't do basic maintenance on their computer. Sitting for a few hours while Windows, Office, Winamp (yes... winamp!), and other programs updated was relaxing. Not laughing out loud as the client paid me for sitting on my ass for 2 hours was hard.

    I certainly use anal sex in my caps as a dominant power trip, but I think like most forms of sex it can be a sweet loving exchange. I don't look at all women as submissive sex toys just because they are on the receiving end of a cock. That opinion doesn't change when the orifice receiving the cock is an asshole as opposed to a pussy, and it doesn't change if the catcher is a man or a woman.

    Whose line is it anyway is coming back!?!!??? YAY!!!!! What channel? What time? What month!? Plans have to be made and set in stone!

    I know that Nancy Sinatra will always be known first and foremost for this song (and... well her last name), but I've always been particularly enamored with her take on "California Dreamin'" And thanks to Quentin Tarantino I fell in love with her song "Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)"

    1. Speaking of great takes on California Dreaming, check out Queen Latifah's

  5. I loved it Dee, it was naughty and witty all wrapped into one. Great cap and great image.

    xoxoxo Katie