Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Subtle and Tasteful Makeover

This was created for a relatively newbie on the Haven, The Color Blue .. and I really liked her preferences, especially since some of them have meshed with some things I've really be into lately. Tasty bits like hypnosis, compulsions, and embarassment/humiliation. Also, over the last week or two, I have thought about the whole "turned into a drag queen" thing in relation to the other tasty bits I just mentioned.

I tried to make a caption that would fill some of those hotspots. I really wish I had the skill to write stories with those plot points, but honestly my ADHD kicks in, and I get semi-bored. Plus, my desire is always to edit things down to their bare essence, and details can matter when it comes to a full on story.

Its also how I feel about this caption. While its good, I don't think I put out everything I wanted to, and ended up shortchanging the plot somehow. This is one of those times where multiple panels probably would have helped me tell the story I wanted to tell. However, I did NOT want to have a first panel with a guy on it, because we all tend to put ourselves in the captions, and seeing a guy that looks NOTHING like us would be terribly disarming. If I had another picture of the girl in the photo, I definitely would use it, especially if it was without the wig. That way I could carve out a bit more of the back story.

I'm glad that Mina liked it, with this response:
Oh simply delightful!! Definitely right up my alley. I've never been a redhead before but I must say it looks quite nice and the drag queen circus clown had me laughing.
 I still think I could have given her something so much better.

One a blog note ... I should be posting either tomorrow or on Christmas Eve. I have a blog exclusive caption (depending on if the 25 captions of Christmas has a Christmas Eve entry) and then probably nothing until the middle of next week, with a few postings during that holiday week to keep people amused!

DISCUSSION QUESTION: Should I be beating myself up over this? Is it because I am using preferences that I personally like to create a caption for someone else?


  1. I think it's more than you are self aware of what you do best. You tend to want to do more straightforward captions and that's what works best for you.

    You sound like you wanted to do something different than your norm and that's commendable. Still, no need to get mad at yourself if you still made good work. There are things you do well that I'll never be able to accomplish, and there are more who do different types of work. You just understand yourself better than most!

  2. @ Simone

    Well, I think its good, but I think the idea inside my head was so much better than what I put down in the caption. Usually I can work that out enough, where even if I can't get it exactly where I want it to be, I can usually fake it well enough, or shift into another way of thinking. For this, I just tended to stall out.

    Having posted this a few hours ago, I think the thing that might irk me the most, is what happens when I wake Mina up.

    I have such a lack of experience in THINKING like that, its sort of foreign to me. At least when I write Dom/Sub stuff, I have experience being more of a Dom, and from chatting with subs, can approximate why and how they feel. Perhaps I need to expand my horizons and strike up some friendships with Drag Queens and guys who actually have been willingly/forced into being feminine sissies .. if I wish to write more captions in this direction. Then again, I'm not sure where I would find those sorts of fun people!

    I might touch more on this as the first topic when I get back from Christmas travels.

  3. I don't think you should beat yourself up at all over this cap. I think it turned out very good. And you've told me often enough that a good cap in the end, makes up for it not being what I originally intended it to be. And Mina seemed to like it to boot!