Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Watch Out for the DRM!

Nick/Lanna is a big anime fan, and likes to have anime art in captions. I wouldn't really know Sailor Moon from Popeye the Sailor Man however, so I was a bit limited in what I could write. I do know some anime pirates, mostly because they don't think its right that they should have to pay 30 bucks for 2-4 episodes per disc. Figured I could use that information to make some sort of caption and still make it interesting.

Even better, I could actually work with her preferences. Among them were:
  • I'm very polite, try not to break rules, but may insult people with out noticing.
  • I don't mind being with either a guy or a girl, either before or after transformation.
  • I have a girlfriend who is also bi, and doesn't care what gender I am, she also loves TF as much as me XD
  • If there are multiple people in the cap, I like to be with my GF, she doesn't mind (actually enjoys) being turned into a guy, so if I'm in a picture with a guy, please make it her ^_^
When I get something like that, it makes me want to include his girlfriend. What better way to keep a relationship running well than being able to share something like TG captions?

I know that "The Ring" was a movie that had a movie being a force for change, specifically the viewers dying within 7 days of watching. From there, it didn't take much of a leap that the anime Nick watched would have the same sort of effect, though only through the copy protection scheme (DRM is something that is supposed to stop piracy/bootlegging of copy-written works like movies and music.). Having his girlfriend watch it first made sure that they BOTH would change gender.

This caption also shows what I had discussed in the previous blog post about how I tend to make captions when the picture source is in widescreen format. Instead of floating the text IN the picture, I put the picture right where it should be in the time line, and wrote the story around it.

I would like to post every weekday this week, but it all depends on how the work schedule plays out. I was able to get most of the work needed to be done before Christmas already done .. it just depends on when everyone else here in the office gets me THEIR data, so I can finish MY work.

I'm holding out hope that some people will come up with more ideas for the discussion question I posted yesterday, and I will repost the actual discussion question below.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: What are some other things that strike you when you see them made in captions, that while they aren't officially "wrong" like typos, logic, or plot holes .. but things that make the caption not nearly as polished as it could be?

The reason I'm asking is I'd like to see if we could whip up a guide to "So you made some captions? Now how do you make the jump to the next level?" type FAQ.

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  1. What's a made in caption?

    What sometimes strike me in the caps is the background color which is making the image look pale instead of high-lightening the picture.

    However I guess that it somehow depends on which program you are using to create your captions. Until now I have used Comic Life, but recently I'm trying my luck with Photoshop. However I think that it will take some time before I can make my caps look like I really want them to.