Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Irony is Pretty .. Ironic (Please Vote!)

Well, I've won a Haven contest in 2008, 2009, and 2010 (2nd place actually, but close enough!) and I haven't done many contests this year. When I realized I could keep the streak alive, I worked hard to make a caption that I thought conveyed the concept quite well, but with a twist that was fun and ingenious. 

The rules are the following:

  • Transformations have to lead to an age change.
  • That included both directions: age regression and age progression
  • There's no limit for the highest age, do what you like here
  • That doesn't apply for the other direction. First of all stay within the Haven Rules! We decided that all girls below 16 should be G-rated. Between 16 and 18 you can include R-rated pictures and above 18 it's X-rated or higher.
  • The focus of the story should be really about the new age or the age difference. Just making a guy 2 years younger as a girl wouldn't focus on the age change since this is hardly a change. So beside the gender change the age change should be mainly the center of the story.

I think my caption is a good fit for the rules.

Now I need a last minute push to see if I can end up in a winning spot. I certainly don't mind coming in 2nd place, but I'd like to keep my streak going. if I do, it shows that I am consistently good enough to almost win LOL Hell, if I win, I might ask to switch the rankings so I get 2nd place AGAIN!

So please head on down to Rachel's Haven, and vote early, and often! The link is here :

Voting ends tomorrow morning at 6 am EST I believe.

Yeah, I know this is cheesy and reeks of the movie "Election" but I'm sure some others are rallying support as well. There are many good captions posted for you to look at, so just remember to VOTE! Even for people that aren't me!

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  1. As the Contest announcer from Rachels Haven I can say that Dee's cap here indeed won! :)
    I doubt that it had to do much with you posting it here Dee ... it's a really good cap. Dealing with a popular fantasy and it's within the AR theme. :)
    Well done job Dee.