Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Retail Price of Womanhood

Something I created for Polecat yesterday. Figured I would post something really fresh and new, since it was currently one of the most recent ones I have made.

I think its pretty straightforward in narrative, and has the zinger that he's not going back to being a guy just quite yet. It looks like he's going to end up learning all about the inequities that could be associated with being female.

I saw the picture and really admired how awesome that bra truly is, and the comfort that it must provide the wearer. Knowing that my daughter has issues with cheap bras, I sort of wrote it from her perspective, but using me as a character. If she had "Dee" powers, I'm sure she'd have used them the same way as presented in the caption.

Quality is something to be looked for when it comes to things for women. Guys can usually get by with bulk socks and underwear, basic pants and shirts, even shoes (unless you are talking about work boots for people that actually work!) whereas women's footwear can hurt the wearers toes, arch, and heel; bras can pinch, bind, and stab; undies can sag or crawl up their crack; nylons can run, etc ..

Other than the work boots I mentioned above, or perhaps stain-resistant clothing .. I can't really think of many things that guys buy strictly for comfort, forgoing cheaper, off-made brands. Perhaps it is because I'm frugal and poor! Maybe we have some rich guys out there that will swear they can't wear anything that isn't silk shirts or 9k thread count sheets, but most guys I know skimp on money, and don't lose too much on the quality end of the deal.

Anyway, back to where I started. A few people on the Haven were commenting on a part of the caption I didn't really see, and I want to know if people are reading it the same way, and that I missed something. Here are a few of the comments:
Interesting revenge cap. Nice job.
 Oh Dee, Oh Dee, You are a vengeful little bitch, aren't you? I love you!
 Its always great to get feedback. My question is, did the caption seem to you that Dee was trying to get revenge on her hubby? I was looking at is as a way to have a "teaching moment" more so than an actual punishment. Perhaps using this persuasive sales pitch would change his mind as their both shared a harsh experience then a positive reinforcement (aka badly made bra, then upgraded to a well designed, pretty one.) The same could be said at the end once they are both walking in much better footwear (he'll definitely walk a mile in her shoes that way!) I did leave it open-ended as to when/if he changes back into a man so that the recipient and reader will fill in their own blanks, and foreshadowed him thinking a bit like a woman when he mentioned 'his boobs'.

I made this caption 1000 pixels wide, as discussed in a prior blog entry. It is my first at that format size, and I made the decision after reading what others had posted. This made for a good test run, since the source picture was HUGE! I was able to shrink it down, but still have more picture that I usually do when I was doing 850 pixels wide.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: Did it seem that Dee was being vengeful? Or was it more of a Rorschach type caption where people can read whatever they like into it, where you will find exactly what you like to read, in between the lines? Do you like the somewhat bigger caption size?

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  1. To be strictly sure of it... I have to see that I do see a bit of a revenge in there but not that much too call it a proper revenge. I would say for is a mix between a "teacher moment" and bit of malicious side on your part *giggle*

    Afterall you cannot expect a recently transformed guy to comprehend and enjoy the "pain" of wearing some lingerie or bra stuff *giggle* If that would happen to me... I think I would be in the same situation as Lucy.

    Still the last part where you say go and get to wear those worn out stilettos brings the evil side of the cap!

    As for the size I don't care much about it, I work around 1024 X 768 pixels (yes my sight is crying if I try to go around a wider size!) but it does increase the readibility... more or less is the same size I'm making them!

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

    P.S: Dee I had PM you in the Haven with the reasons of my absence, you don't have to worry about me ^-^