Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Santa Panties ... Very Comfortable!

First off, I would like to thank everyone who voted in the Haven's November 2011 contest. I ended up winning the whole ball of wax, for the first time I was more than just the bride's maid! It feels great, because I know I'm not the best at any one particular aspect of captioning, but I like to think I'm pretty consistent when it comes to quality and overall presentation. Having been in the final two for a contest for four years in a row shows that people tend to agree with me in my assumption.

I made the above caption for a little project that Terri started on the Haven called "The 25 caps of Christmas" and it was starting out slow. She'd PMed a few of the admins who caption asking if they'd help contribute, and more so, to help promote the idea and get it moving. Its pretty much a TG version of an Advent calendar.

At first, I didn't think I'd have time right away, but no one else had made anything, and I didn't want it to die a quick yet painful death, so I whipped up something on the quick. If I'm anything, I'm rapid from start to finish. I had a stash of Xmas pictures I hadn't capped yet, and just grabbed one, made a background for it, and started writing.

There's been debates about Holiday Trees vs Christmas Trees and saying "Happy Holidays" instead of "Merry Christmas" so I figured I could do a quick riff on that, with how the spirit is in the giving. From there, it didn't take too much to bring the TG aspect into it, with some naughtiness as well. There is a tradmark "Dee" zinger at the end that just brings a smile to my face. I always wondered why feminine hygiene products always have "baby powder" as a scent instead of things like "New Car Smell".

Anyway, I made that caption in about 12 minutes, and Terri had a caption for Day 2. There are still some dates available if you are a captioner. See the link for more details. If you just like to look at captions, go to the link and check out creations made by famous captioners like: Dee, Argus, Petra, Alectra, Martha, Totalditz, and hopefully many others!

DISCUSSION QUESTION. Things have been a bit slow on some of the TG blogs I follow. I need more links to follow! If you are following this blog and HAVE a blog of your own, please plug it in the comments. That way I can add you to the side column. Having followers cross pollinating can be a good thing, and I enjoy finding things I haven't seen before. If you know of any blog sites I may like, post them in the comment section as well!


  1. Hey DeeDee,

    I am back :) Sweet cappie! Somewhere in my hard drive(s), I have ONE Christmas cappie. I'll see if I can scrape it up. If I can't, I promise to make ya new one :)

    My old Blog got hacked and deleted. I am in the process of rebuilding at:




  2. Awww this is brilliant.

    Thanks for the promo, Dee. Glad you like the idea :)

  3. Well I recently found a big blog that I didn't notice before... and maybe you will like as it deals with lots of differents themes!


    and I also follow this one too which have a great talent!


    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

    P.S: If anything I'm pretty eager to post something in Terri's Idea of a naughty ehmmm Happy christmas *giggle*

  4. Hey Dee,

    TBH, I'm not certain exactly what "type" of cappie floats your boat these days.. :)

    I've added these to my Blog's links, and they seem to update often, but these things go in spurts.. no pun intended.....




    I should start updating my blog soon, which might give you something to follow :)



  5. Hey Dee,

    Over the past couple of days, I have been scouring everyone's various link lists, looking for relatively active TG blogs. These days, on my "follow" gadget there's always 10-20 blogs that have updated in the past 1-2 days.

    Not every single one is awesome, but there's normally at least something worth checking out ;)

  6. Not sure what your tastes are, but my blog has mostly XXX rated captions.