Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Embarrassed? He's as red as his platform heels!

This is probably one of most well received captions that I've ever done. It's onto it's 2nd page of comments, 1300+ hits, and it was only posted last December. I think it struck a nerve for many people, in that it is somewhat reasonable to assume that this COULD happen. The person that it was captioned for was appreciative, though I was as well, since I'd probably not had any drive to even MAKE a caption like this if her preferences hadn't led me to it.

The picture lends itself to the story in spades, and I didn't have to drone on that much about what was going on. Here is the set-up, here is what is happening right now, and here is the plot twist that drives home all that was mentioned before. I'd like to say that I labored over this mightily, but I think it took me 10 minutes total once I found the picture.

My only negative thoughts dwell on how much degradation should be incorporated into a caption. How far is too far? I guess you could say that it probably depends on the recipient and what their threshold is.In the end, does the scenario depicted go too far if it was real life, but is fine in terms of fantasy / wish fulfillment? Please discuss .. as usual, there are no right and wrong answers to any of these discussions.


  1. I think you're right here on the mention of depending on who is receiving the caption. I also think when you're dealing with TG, you are essentially dealing with fantasy. And perhaps that person likes the idea of degradation in fantasy, but not in real life. It is rather common, as we all have things we wish we could do, but only the fictional you is capable.


  2. I think the really humiliating thing here is the protagonist's arousal. As you say, getting forced to dress up COULD actually happen, and that's embarrassing enough. But to find out that you actually like it, to have to admit that to yourself, that is the really humiliating part of this cap ... in my opinion anyway.

    You ask if this goes to far, not far enough or somewhere else. Well since this is one of my favorite Dee caps, I think it goes to exactly the right spot. Well done.


  3. @ Petra

    I think you probably hit it right on the head with this caption. I assume that is why it got such a strong reaction from people on the haven, and here for that matter.

    It's almost set up recursively and is quite the diabolical little plan. The enjoyment is going to cause him to be late, which is going to expose him, which will lead to further embarrassment.

    I might go out on a limb and it is one of the best captions I've ever done. Not entirely sure I'd be able to replicate it either, just one of those times where all the stars aligned properly.


  4. One reason that the degradation works more in this caption than others is that it is irreversible. An embarassing message printed on a shirt? Turn it inside out? High heels? Take them off. Whereas there's no way to de-slut this outfit, and that locks the character into the degradation. Add to that the fact that s/he is enjoying the situation, and the humiliation works....


  5. It is interesting that this cap is so popular coincidentally to what is happening in my life now. I really like the situation presented and in view of my new circumstances I just hope this does not happen to me. I'd certainly be very embarrassed.

  6. @Dee

    I know that a lot of this was covered in other topics here, but I wanted to add a few thoughts (now that sasha has brought it back up).

    I really think the amount of degradation/humiliation that is appropriate depends on your intended target. I think that also requires you to have a good relationship with this person. You want to make sure that your cap isn't taken as a possible attack on another person.

    I don't think someone writing 'I like humiliation' in their preferences are enough. Everyone has a line that they aren't willing to cross, but how much humiliation is enough. Are they just looking for a quick 'this is so humiliating' moment, or are they looking for on going, non stop humiliation that gets worse and worse and worse. I'm closer to the latter, but I can easily imagine a cap going to far.

    On the flip side, I wouldn't mind someone pushing my own boundaries a little. I know there is a line that I don't want to cross out there somewhere... but I don't know where it is. I won't really know where it is, until someone tries to push past it. Again... something the average person would know, without knowing me better!


    I never thought of it that way. As I would be no where NEAR passable as a woman (one of the main reasons I've never tried cross dressing in real life) I always look at caps like this as purely in the fantasy realm. I can imagine what the subject must be feeling like, and approximate their humiliation (a particularly intoxicating feeling for me) but it ends there.

    With your situation, I imagine caps can take on a whole new life. Particularly with your recent circumstance!