Thursday, October 14, 2010

Discussion Ideas? I'll take suggestions

Figured I would ask around and see if people had topics in mind to discuss.

I can drone on about a myriad of topics dealing with TG captions, and if possible, I could post captions that would fit into the discussion. I consider this blog a bit of an extension of when I had the writing clinic topics in the Shop Talk section, back when I was just a writing coach.

Anything is fair game for a discussion topic, as long as it is at least tangentially related to captions and how they are created and viewed. I don't think the "behind the creative minds" part of TG captions gets enough exposure, and getting people to dish about the process can only help us further our "craft".

Even if you have never created a caption, feel free to suggest something to discuss. That point of view can be quite refreshing to someone that just often cranks out captions with little to no feedback.



  1. I always wanted to know if people have specific wished about their transformations. Some seem to know exactly how they want to look like (mostly those who would want to be permanent a woman) others (like me) don't really care or they are at least more open to changes. Like those who like the GS. You can end up as anyone, not always the hot 18 year old blonde cheerleader slut. lol. So my question would be:

    Do you have a precise idea of how you'd want to look like as a woman or do you just want to be a female?

    I hope that made sense.


  2. What about when Humiliation is featured in caps? How can you put something like that in a caption with few words, or in a long series and make sure you hit that button, and still not offend the person? I've used it as a theme in many of my caps. I've also had it used in captions made for me, expertly so in some case's.

    but when I roleplay the scenario the person I play with almost never can get that across.

    May I add, your blog is a very interesting idea and I do love to see the creative process. I notice you only have two links, but if you had more you might attract a larger audience.

  3. I had begun a discussion over on Transformation Media about using transformation universes (Great Shift, SRU, MAU, Medallion of Zulo, etc) in captions. More to the point, do you like to use them or not and why? If you do like to use them, which ones do you favor?

    The main argument being that through the use of transformation universes, caption readers will quickly relate to the kinds of transformations being done and the rules are definable, HOWEVER using these universes does not allow for originality (OR does it?).

    I think one could easily make the argument either way, and think it would fair as a good discussion, and quite possibly break into smaller discussions.

  4. That's a good start. For anyone coming late to the party, I will take the discussions in order.

    And to the side point from Jenniger ... I hadn't really gone around looking for links. I'm sure I can find some soon to include (are you still adding new captions to your blog? If so, I'll list you soon.)

    I'm not really sure how many people will want to follow since I am not posting anything truly original here. Pretty much anything I post here will have been on Rachel's Haven already, some probably posted over 2 years ago!

    So, it's not necessarily a true TG caption blog, where I post 3-5 captions a day. I'm hoping I can do one posting a week, and then use that one blog entry to make the comments and discussion last until the next one is posted.

    Would I like more people to come and look around? OF COURSE! But I have 25 people that follow me so far, and that blows my mind. I'm hoping to get even more, as discussing captions is fun. This whole idea came from way back when Simone was on all the time, and we'd talk about WHY we set up a caption a certain way, and what we would do to make it better.

    Anyway, within the next few days (hopefully) I'll have the 1st discussion topic up. Please feel free to keep adding to this post for more topics to be covered.


  5. not only have I still been posting, I've almost posted each and every day this month. (not many of my friends check it out. lol) and most of my work comes from the haven too. I didn't know you had a blog for a while till I saw it in another caption blog's link list. The name Dee caught my attention and blew me away you had it going for like a month.

    you also have to remember not everyone that likes captions are at the haven. and the haven isn't the easiest place to find a certain caption theme you might looking for. the tags on this blog can help with that.

  6. Hey Dee.

    I seem to have been making captions as of late that involve more or less voluntary changes that result in a romantic situation. Now that is just more my personal take on a situation. I do like to see humor involved with a caption. A good snicker at the end of a well written caption is always great. lol

    For me the subject of TG has taken a real life turn as I consider my options. I'm not sure if that offers any discussion options, but I know it has effected my own captions that I make. But maybe that's a topic, real life influences.