Sunday, June 4, 2023

Watch That First Step .. and the Second and Third One Too!

It's a doozy! I think we should all expand our vocabulary to use "doozy" at least twice a day!

Made this caption for Lacy on the Haven. She loves frilly things, slips and hosiery; so it's not that hard to write captions for her, whenever I'm in the mood. 

This image definitely was made for Lacy too. The face is partially blocked, and she's in a great pose as well, since you see her from behind mostly. The model (Samantha Legs) is usually heavily made up, and also tends to wear a wig in all her sets (keeping up anonymity in real life I would assume?) so she's a good source for images like this one. She has large chesticles too, so frontal shots don't work as well for straight up CD captions .. but work well for b!mb0 captions.

And what I like about this caption, is that there are elements of embarrassment and humiliation, but it's done in a playful manner. I am betting that 'caption Lacy' definitely likes that sort of tease. What did the 'actual Lacy' say in her reply? Well, here is what she said:

Loved the silky stockings and outfit!   I loved how you ended the caption!!!!!  Yes, I would love to be a sexy French maid in a satin maid outfit with a full set of lingerie and petticoats. Why do you think I am showing off my panties????

Loved this! .. I hope this caption will get me in the mood to send you a response as well as the others I owe captions too. 

I would love to see a satin French maid with petticoats caption for my birthday, which is coming up, hint, hint! 

         All the best Lacy!!

I think it gets the Lacy Seal of Approval! What sayeth you, the readers? Is it flouncy enough for you?

I climb the marble stairs that lead away. Away from everything I used to know.
I try to keep my eyes down on the way. The way my mother told me not to go.

Well all I ever wanted was a hand to hold me down,
To keep the sky from swallowing me up.
And all I ever needed was someone to come around,
and tell me that I've suffered long enough.

So take me away. Find me a home. I'm on my way. I'm on my way.

I wonder when I'll see the stars again. I thought that they had faded long ago.
With every step I'm closer to the end. I'm climbing 'cause I don't know where to go.

Well all I ever wanted was a place to store my faith.
I thought that I could keep it locked away.
It burns my eyes to look at him and see the truth inside,
and so I turn my broken face away.


  1. Dee always creates great captions. I love it when she puts me in a lacy slip or petticoat and I get to show of some sexy lingerie. Keep them coming. I really enjoy them. Lacy

    1. Thanks Lacy! Glad you are dropping in here, now and again.