Saturday, May 27, 2023

The Correct Way to Heal

Hey look! A caption I made this weekend! Will wonders never cease?

Just a quickie because I saw this image, and a version of the line that the mom says in the caption came into my head, and I thought .. I can work with that!

I probably should have specified step-son in the caption .. oh well, I guess that means you can read it either way. It's one of the awesome things about my followers, that you have a good mind to interpret things that I've only implied, and sometimes make an idea I had sound even better!

And thanks for the support in the last blog post. It also helps me that I think its a good caption on its own, but I think it's good when you all check in now and again .. that way you can see if I'm doing ok, and also, if you aren't having a good week, this place is very supportive! Love you all! I promise that as I'm enslaving and feminizing the world under the heels of my kinky boots, I will dominate you all last .. unless you want to be first in line!


  1. Wish I had this nurse/therapist following my spine surgery! Zoe

    1. Well, hopefully you are fully healed (and heeled!) now!

  2. first heal, then learn to walk, then learn to walk in heels....