Sunday, May 14, 2023

Happy Mother's Day to Everyone!

I wasn't feeling it this year, but I tend to say that every year. I do love you all though!

I made this back in 2020, which was a very rough year for myself, and probably a lot of you as well. A lot of support came from you all, who kept me going through my darkest hours. I appreciate it, probably more than you could ever know.

Here's some of what I wrote back then:

But I wanted to make a caption for today, and I didn't feel motivated until now, when an idea came to me that I wanted to try to flesh out. And I found a picture that would work, actually a few, but this one spoke to me the most. I will do nice, sweet captions time and again, but this one is a bit more than that I think, and it checks off a few other boxes I don't often work with, like age progression, body morphing and dealing with grief.

Well, it's all in the caption. What to make of it? I really don't know. I am too insulated in my life right now to have any sense of self-awareness, both literally and figuratively. Many times, the GF would give me insight into whatever it was I am feeling, but she's not around anymore to keep me grounded in reality. Sometimes I could make sense of myself through this blog and what I post, but I'm not sure I can figure it out right now, no matter what I type.

So this time, I am not really telling you anything. I want YOU to tell me what YOU see in this caption. Does any of it speak to you, and what does it say? Where do you think my mind was at when I created this caption? Any lessons to be learned, or things that struck you as you were reading it?

Please be thoughtful, or funny, or serious, or whatever emotion takes you. Just be something!

And Kaaren did reply:

When I was young some of my friends had Moms that were just hot!!!!
Now on reflection I think about some of their Dads too....and I wouldn't mind meeting some of them now and demonstrating how I've changed.....
Given the chance to replace one of the hot moms to please one of the hot dads sounds like some weird fun....a little creepy and a little sexy....
Given what you've gone through lately I think maybe there's a little wish fulfillment on display here...wouldn't it be nice if we could ease the feeling of loss so easily....
And don't feel alone....we're all alone together right now and I'm always around if you need a soft shoulder to lean on....
Kisses Kaaren

And that helped me a lot. Kinky AND supportive. Kaaren was such a sweetheart. Still miss her a lot too.

So what sayeth you? Please do comment on what I posted, or what Kaaren posted. And I hope you got to spend some time with loved ones today. Most of my female support has passed on, but I spent the day visiting with a few friends of the feminine persuasion, and that warmed my soul. Don't lose that soft touch in your life. It's always welcome.

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