Wednesday, May 17, 2023

So Much Better than the Cheech and Chong Movie!

There must be a TG caption with this sort of plot line made by someone before, right?

If not, WOOOOOO .. I'm an original bay-bee! Score one for the pop culture queen!

Honestly, I am not sure how the hell I got that story out of this image, other than she was - sort of - placing her hand around her crotch, which could be interpreted as trying to keep her boner from popping out. That's it. End of story!

And, at least in my mind, it works. God knows why, but I think it does. Maybe it's because it's just so out of left field, you brain says, "of course it can work!" Heh heh, course it can .. Corsican? Yeah, I know!

But it's a new caption. Sometimes you take what you can get! I plan on working on some more new ones, maybe some that are really good too? .. in the next day or two. Fingers crossed.

Did you see that plot point coming? Let me know below AND if you know of a TG story or caption that also used this plot point, I would like to do who did it and when! I'd love to see how they worked with it, and what sort of image they used to go with the story.


  1. With her attractive looks, nice size boobs and she looks hot in a skirt, think she might be further ahead to get rid of that dick and enjoy a real orgasm, female style! Zoe

    1. Hmmmm, not sure how that'd work, but it's TG captions, so anything is possible!