Sunday, August 7, 2022

WOW ME! Zoe Got the Works!

The first caption for Salon Sunday! C'mon inside and get pampered like you know you should be!

This one was made for Zoe, who had quite the elaborate fantasy for us all. Here's what she asked for:

As for a future story with a salon theme, here goes. My usual barber was on vacation and I really needed a haircut as I had a hot date that evening. My barber left a note on her door saying who to go to in an emergency till she returned so I figured I could trust her. Drove to this fancy place and signed in and waited for my turn. Told the hairdresser my story and wanted to look great for this hot date so she told me to take a seat in the chair. Before I knew it, I was so comfortable that I fell asleep and upon waking was told, look in the mirror, all done! I nearly yelled when I saw a beautiful woman in the mirror realizing that it was me!!!! The hair dresser said I told her my date was with a beautiful woman so she took it to mean me! Heck, I could see I had boobs and felt funny between by legs. She told me to go next door to the boutique and I could buy some nice clothes for the date. Figured I had no choice so why not enjoy this once in a lifetime opportunity and got all dolled up and sexy for my date. You take it from here Dee!!!! 

Well, that might have more words in it than my actual caption! I loved the enthusiasm though, and decided to put my own spin on what she asked for, because .. I'm the DOMME, you know? And hell, I think I got at least half of Zoe's request in there somewhere, just sort of augmented with Dee's flavor .. which of course is red peppered honey! Got have a bit of spicy bite to the sweetness!

Did you like this caption .. a lot? Wish that it could have been you? Well, I have a spot or two available, if you can wait for a chair, sweetie. Mm, kay? But you HAVE to tell me your hair salon / beauty parlor / nail kiosk fantasy story. Can I promise that it will be exactly like what you wanted? Dee-finitely not! But it will probably be lots of fun to create, and for everyone here to read. So get going .. give me a big tip below too!


  1. WOW Dee! You did a fantastic job with this cap and idea!!! Just love it!
    Thank you so very mucho! I think your hair salon did a much better job than
    mine so need to check yours out one of these days! Hope the others enjoyed reading this as much as me! Love, Zoe

    1. Glad you enjoyed it, but I mean, just LOOK at you!

  2. My oh my, that's one fancy salon indeed. Good one.