Wednesday, August 17, 2022

RANSOM! Give Me Back My .. BODY!

Well, it's not quite like Mel Gibson's Ransom, but it did sort of inspire the title ...

... and to a certain extent, the caption itself.

Even though Terri's station in life has dropped a bit, it looks like she could end up having more fun! As she replied, "So like how long am I gonna be like this? I mean someone has to get Mrs Fraser booked in for her perm? Ooh I just got pinged! Or was that my bra?"

This photo is an example of how technology has changed TG captions. I can use the image because you can't see the cell phone she is using, which from the way she's holding it .. I would say this picture is at least 4-5 years old. Here's what I wrote in a response to a caption about V-Tubers gender-bending that Ophelia posted to the All-NEW and IMPROVED haven Discord server .. 

It is interesting to see how the modern world and technology are evolving TG fiction and captioning. Styles seem to change quicker now, and tech evolves it's look so quickly now, it's hard to even use pictures from 5 years ago to make a caption that is supposed to be set in 2022. 'Hmmm, this mirror selfie only has 1 camera, so it's an iPhone 6!' As opposed to the 90's, where pretty much every PC was a beige tower!

There have been a number of times where I've found some really good images for captions, but they involve technology that is very outdated now if I'm looking to place the plot in the modern present day. Luckily I have turned a few into "time-travel" or "in the past" captions, but it's definitely a different way of life from the Reluctant Press books of the 70's and 80's and how the same stories would be written today. Neither one is better, but depending on your fetish, results may vary! In a way, women wearing hosiery of any sort is pretty much a fetish, or at least 'scene costuming' as most ladies go bare-legged all the time.

Anyway, what up-and-coming plot twists and turns do you think we'll see more of, and which might fade from our view? Let me know below .. either we can perhaps hold a revival for the old times, or bury it! My choice would be to honor those times in a retro sort of way!

What a great band with quite a few members from Frank Zappa's late 70's band. Just listen to the drumming!


  1. Nice! I would love to see more of these types of scenarios. Thanks for posting.

    1. So, sort of kidnapped and/or held for ransom? Lifestyles completely changed on a whim? I think I could do more like that. Keep checking in and I'm sure they'll be something like that here again at some point!

    2. Squee...Senpai noticed me. lol. But yes! I like the concept of magic technology based transformations. And the fact that there is obliviousness involved is *chef's kiss*. Regardless, thnaks again.

    3. Good to know about the tech-based TF's + obliviousness = Squee! I shall remember that equation, dear padawan.