Sunday, August 14, 2022

Forgotten .. at the Salon!

well, wonder if YOU'VE ever had a fantasy like this when you were younger?

Or even now? I'm not judging you, well other than you might have a good imagination if you have craved to have this happen to you!

Milo commented on my requests for Hair Salon caption ideas, and so I sort of used the idea, and since then, the account seems to have been deleted. Oh well, I hope that persons does see this anyway! I ended up having a picture that I thinks really works well with what I had in mind from Milo's prompt, which was this:
You make the best captions, Dee. For the Salon, one where two best friends are hypnotized to go by their girlfriends or something like that would be fun. I love the ones you do where they are oblivious to being feminized.
I think I worked in the spirit of the request favorably within the guidelines, right? And I think I replied that I would join her in the caption, and yes, I did! I like to think I enjoyed it so much that I open my own salon after I graduated!

Been a long week for me in real life, so not much more writeup. Hope everyone enjoys this, and comments on which salon caption they've liked better so far, this one, or the one from last Sunday. And please do chat about what works with this idea, and what might not work. And yes, I'm pretty sure those are wigs .. but can you imagine how screwed you'd be if your hair was like that and you tried to look like a guy again? Let me know how it'd go for you .. and would you girlfriends like what they saw?!?

I just remember their being some 80's hair in this video, but don't have time to confirm .. so at the very least, you get a girl group created by Rick James, bitch!


  1. I like the second more.... the subliminals have them out of it, last week you would have expected the guy to wake up at some point. 80s dance... that look remind anyone else of Kelly LeBrock in Weird Science? I bet a lot of the boys would like to get their maleness in DeeDee and Venus! Their girlfriends better bring their own A game, don't want our boyfriend prettier than you!

    1. Oh, I figured the hair was THEIRS... if it was a wig, wouldn't it be easier to do the rollers on the stand and skip the hood dryer? I don't know... could trim it down, some guys then did have perms... though they are in the now... shaving it? Parents might ban the skinhead look. The brows on the front girl... they will take time to get THEM back to male. Hope the girls get plenty of pictures!

    2. Got up this morning, and saw what you wrote. I don't want to confuse anyone. I just had written the wig part in the post as, "I know that in the picture, the models are probably wearing wigs .." not that they WERE wearing wigs in the caption writeup itself. Pretty sure that it was their own hair. Having both of them with long hair, it might have been why the girlfriends had gotten them to go to the salon as it was .. maybe they were actually jealous of how nice the boys hair was, and said something like "well, with hair like a girls, you SHOULD go to a beauty parlor!" and that is how it started.

    3. or the girls wondered how their hair would be done up, instead of just a ponytail? maybe especially if it seemed so full and healthy yet was not really cared for/pampered? "I wonder what we could do with Damien's hair, it's so pretty..."

      OK, I get it - the models are wearing the wigs, the boys (girls?) in the caption are not....