Thursday, August 11, 2022

Locker Room Celebrations for a New Gen(d)eration!

Figured I would stick with another caption peripherally connected to sports .. GO TEAM!

In honor of the New England team holding their first non-essential game of the season, I present to you .. a dystopian future, if the deep state continues to go unchecked with power! Everyone, but a select few that are upholding the traditional values, is going to become wimmen-folk! And you wouldn't want any of that, because we made sure that they don't have the same rights as us incels, I mean, common men!

Of course, I am using satire as I am wont to do. It was just too good of an idea to pass up, and it was that thought that came to me when I saw the picture with the first glance. 

You can tell it's a ruckus being raised in celebration, because I'm not even sure how many women are in that picture (the answer according to the caption - none!) due to the fact I think I counted nine legs, so they are at least 1 leg short for the amount of heads there are, if they each have a standard allotment of 2 per lady.

Sadly enough for the denizens of New England, as there probably will not be any locker room celebrations this year for the local teams. I am going to have to get my  excitement elsewhere .. TG computer games! I played something called Ditzy Dice the other day, ironically enough mentioned to me by Totalditz aka Ashlee, and here's my final screen, where I was so powerful at the end, the devil made me become a Dark Witch - High Lady of the Succubi .. which of course, is a bit of a job demotion, but I took it! You can read that in the bottom right parts of the 2 screen shots.

And I learned of other transformation games, and I played one called "The Company" and at the end of it, I was a kickass 'complete dominant she-male' so well-done there too! At some point, I am going to have to "play to lose" so to speak, but it's just interesting to see when my online TG persona plays out in other ways.

So two ways to build up a discussion in the comments section below, other than chatting about the caption itself. What would be some good government regulations that could lead to situations ripe for TG storyline fodder? If it sounds good to me, perhaps you'll end up starring in it! The second option is to tell me some other transformation games out there that you liked. I tried one, I think it was The Secretary perhaps(?) and I couldn't even get my character dressed on the 1st day, so I must've been doing something wrong there! Let's get cracking .. and the next time you are in a locker room celebration, DRINK the champagne, don't spray it all over the place, you hoodlums!

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