Monday, June 6, 2022

Spring Fever .. Don't Catch It!

Stepping out of your comfort zone isn't as big of a deal if you are wearing comfy clothing on your new body!

This is another bit of an exercise is seeing if I can format captions for cell phones a bit better, when I find the right pictures. Made it for Lady Harmony, and I liked the idea of a recently transformed girl being so timid and wary about how the world relates to her now that she's much more petite, even though she's gotten comfortable with who she now is.

Our experiences are definitely colored by how we fit into the world, from so many different perspectives .. which we probably don't often think about. I'm not hugely large by any stretch .. I would consider myself medium sized in regards to height, slightly overweight, and of course, with a male perspective, looking like a biker. You could put me into almost any social interaction in public, and I'll be fairly at ease with it all. What I project fits into that point of view, and one of vulnerability is not something others would read. Put a 15 year old girl who is about 5'1", 100 pounds soaking wet, with a different ethnicity and culture and that POV is going to be something different. Those things intrigue me.

So I wanted to play with that, and also, how we project that onto others, especially those we don't know. It might not necessarily be prejudice, but there is pre-judging going on. I don't think the stranger was going to be harmful in any way to Oksana, but much like a cosplayer just about anywhere, they have to be very careful when dressed up, lest someone acts inappropriately to them. I wrote it vague, but I had it somewhat in mind that some sort of gender-trait changing virus was going around, and perhaps Oksana triggered it within that stranger .. so that it ended up having both people's perceptions be unlikely and shocking to themselves and the other person.

Not really sure I could explain it more, but there IS compulsions there, but it's not as controlled .. it's more random, which I'm not sure is any better than a forced compulsion. Each have their place, and I thought the "out of the blue" one was the right call to make here. Do let me know in the comments what you think, and if it's something you enjoy about this caption .. or if there is something else you saw here that made you think.

Oh yeah, and if it's more readable on a cell phone! Yes, no, it's OK? Should I do more in this format?


  1. Looks well on cell and traditional devices too.

    1. Thanks for the feedback! I tend to like the pictures on the side of the text, but I don't mind trying to adapt for others, and this story felt better done this way.