Friday, June 3, 2022

Mentia's School for the Gifted Class of 2022!

I've got a program tailored (or Taylor'd) to meet any sissy's needs. Just ask an alumni about my methods!

I think what did it for this photo to become a caption is (1) the look on her face, and (2) the dainty way she clasps the unseen male chaperone's hand to lead her down the steps. The hair and outfit helps too. Just a cute scene that almost wrote itself. Once I started, the story just took off on it's own, especially after I got a handle on who was "narrating" the plot .. which of course made me tack on some extra bonus stuff at the end.

And if you are graduating from some higher institution of learning, or know someone who is, CONGRATS! I am happy for anyone that gets a diploma, especially if I don't have to sit through the ceremony on a hot field or in a hot gymnasium. If I ever enroll in college, I am going to make sure that I graduate in December; for myself, and everyone else that will watch me earn a degree.

I've got a question too .. where the hell did everyone go?!? Please do drop by and comment, let me know how you are doing, and that you haven't all be changed into your feminine dream persona and abandoned this blog for a life of leisure and pleasure and lingerie! At least tell me how I can get some too!

And not quite a parody about dancing the funky chicken at your 80th birthday, but it's Greg Giraldo!


  1. Hey Dee! Great cap as always! As for where I've been... well, it's been a hell of a last six months. Work is bad enough that I'm now leaving that job and starting a new one next week. Hopefully this new gig will help me return back to a normal state and stop having nightmares about work.

    1. Glad you hear you are back around! You won Evie's award this month, so CONGRATS to that as well! Sorry to hear about your job, but maybe the new one will be exactly what you were looking for to establish a new stasis.

  2. I like this one Dee....wish I had enrolled there....
    As for where I've been....well.....lets not get into that.....
    But I'm here now and I cannot thank you enough for your support and kindness over the past couple of months.....
    I don't want to ruin your dark reputation so I'll stop there....

    1. You are one person that I had a really good idea what you were going through, and you were on my mind quite a bit, both you and Mrs. K.

      Just glad that you are now responding to posts now and again. I did NOT want to have to contact you via Ouija boards. Those things can be a pain in the ass to use, and the auto-correct features suck! I know you'll be more in touch as time goes on and you get back to your version of normal!