Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Divorced from the Mob!

Can you tell I've been watching gangster movies lately?

Wrote this one up a few days ago, when I was in a bit of a rut. Just lots of stuff going on, and memories were sort of haunting me. I just wanted to be creative, and so I just grabbed a few pictures and wrote something off the top of my head .. which made me think of the mafia, and how best to exact revenge upon a Don.

And that is exactly what I wrote out. Nothing worse than changing the teenage heir to the entire shady operation into a horny, slutty MILF. From future mob boss, to current mom boss!

I had the idea, but wasn't sure which picture to use, as they both had their pluses and minuses. Then I figured, well, I could just use them both, split the difference. Perhaps it's the POV of Vito and Rico, and we are seeing the images through their eyes. So it's another newish style caption that could be read easier on a cell phone.

So any of you youngsters out there that would like to be MILFs, then this caption is definitely for you! Enjoy!

And remember .. leave the gun, take the cannoli! 


  1. On the day you wrote this, I did have Canoli for dinner. How'd you know? :)

    1. Cannoli for dinner? Who doesn't like a sweet treat like that, all on it's own!