Thursday, June 16, 2022

Fathers Day 2022 - Which Way Would You Like It?

Like a Buffet, I have a caption served up TWO ways. One is pretty evil, and the other is pretty sweet!

Which one will YOU like better? It's probably a good litmus test, and I really would like to know which you prefer, so leave a comments below.

I wanted to make something for this Father's Day, and I went looking for a hot MILF to use in the caption, and I immediately thought .. I LOVE Alaya on Southern Charms .. so why not start there? And behold, or alas, I found a good set that had been posted recently. The hard part was that I knew I wanted to make a nasty and sweet caption, and she was really smiling in all her pictures. Being sexy is a curse, huh? I mean, 90 percent of my readers would do almost anything to be in her body .. and in some way, I bet she knows it!

So I wrote the "evil" one first, since I thought it'd be harder to write .. and in some way, I'd have a structure to base the much nicer one upon. But neither were that hard to conjure, as I seem to have a knack for writing dialog that seems real. Maybe it's just that I'm always listening to the voices in my head? LOL

So to everyone out there being honored for Father's Day, and wishing that they'd get lingerie instead of a tie, these captions are for you! Please enjoy, and know that at least *I* know you'd rather be in a slinky dress instead of BBQing .. or maybe just BBQing in only an apron and heels!

And here's a bonus .. the Father's Day caption from 2020. Remember that smaller bodies drink less alcohol!


  1. I like the nastier one, naturally. But I also like the comment about Her telling daughters you’ve all been taking special “vitamins.” Vague enough to cause chaos.

    After washing the cars, I hope She’ll get me drunk and take me tonight for Father’s Day, lol.. Her choice.

    1. You really can't lose either way when it comes to choosing, which is how it should be on Father's Day! Hope yours was pleasant, or nasty, whichever the case may be!