Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Of COURSE I Will Make You a Protein Drink for Breakfast!

There's more than one way to build a body that a bodybuilder will enjoy! Well, there's only one way I know!

Welcome to summer, so it's time to bust our your beach bod, stat! All that working out over the winter is about to pay dividends, right? Hmmmm, well, we do have some special protein drinks that will get your body up to speed-o in no time flat .. and your abs will be flat, but you might gain a bit of fatty tissue on top of your pectorals .. but no one is going to care, well, maybe except you, at first. Then, you will want everyone to see them protruding off your chest! And with that, you'll be more likely to have a workout partner to spot you!

Speaking of, I am about to go make a smoothie. What's your favorite? I'm partial to blueberry banana myself but I usually add ice cream so it's not really healthy .. but it is delicious!

Be honest, when you were in high school, you wanted to be a cheerleader, or a field hockey player, or maybe a tennis gal .. running around all trim and fit in a short skirt and sport panties, right? You can tell Auntie Dee, and we'll keep it a secret, which you can leave down in the comment section!

And please do go and check out the Father's Day captions .. it's a 2 for 1 special! And let me know which one you liked better!

Nothing like getting a workout in the pit at a Slipknot show .. and you also get to go down on your knees and then "jump the fuck up!" so it's like metal aerobics.


  1. That sure is gonna be a fun workout for them both, especially if he really does end up as her prettier twin.

    Make mine a strawberry banana smoothie with extra ice please. Gets really hot out there on the tennis court. Thanks.

    1. I used to like Strawberry Banana smoothies too, but the seeds were always getting stuck in my teeth .. and there never seems to be a sissy slave around to deseed them, nor peel grapes for me either!