Monday, May 16, 2022

In A Multiverse of Madness .. Dee Stays the Same!

.. or maybe it's a slightly different version Dee creating this caption .. please come inside and view!

Well, I found this image, and knew that I could whip up a quickie, maybe team it up with another quickie, and have a quality post for people recovering from the weekend. Then another idea came to me. It must be REALLY hard for people on cell phones to read some of my captions, especially because I do most of them in landscape .. and rotating your phone doesn't always work to get it all on the screen. So, why not give those viewers a caption specifically designed to be easy for them to read?

And from there, I just wanted to fill out the plot, which at first was just a quick little joke. Then I thought about the return of movie theaters and of course, Marvel is still popular. I'll just look up some upcoming superhero movies and VIOLA, I've got an actual caption, instead of an ultra-quickie rimshot joke!

It's still not very deep, and neither is the popcorn container, but I'm sure she can make it work for her. And since she's probably not used to the new equipment, it won't take too long until she has enough hot butter to cover the entire cup in her lap!

Comment below about the caption and its plot. For those with cell phones, was it easier to read? I don't plan on doing most captions this way, but the "square" nature of the image made it work out design-wise, sao If I get smaller photos later on, this could be something I do again.

I didn't know the actual name of the new Doctor Strange movie (I've never seen a Marvel cinematic movie!) and so I apparently thought it was an amalgam of 2 Iron Maiden songs from "Seventh Son of a Seventh Son" one called, "Infinite Dreams" and the other was, "Can I Play With Madness" which 'stars' a Monty Python alumnus, Graham Chapman, right before he died. 

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