Wednesday, May 18, 2022

A Drink Order for .. Bombi?

Well, that might have been the first clue, you know?

And do they get your orders right? Or do they mess them up as badly as your name on the cup?

I'd probably start drinking coffee if I could get this option, and pay the exorbitant prices too, without blinking. Or if I did blink, it'd probably be a heavy blink. due to the large false eyelashes I would be batting around.

And who doesn't love a double-cross story, even though one of them felt guilty about it afterwards. And if SHE is so smart, how come she's not noticing the changes to herself yet? There's some of the obliviousness that I just LOVE when I see it in a TG story or caption. Just slightly out of awareness, or just peeks in, before it goes away.

And I'm guessing they are still going to be besties. I see lots of shopping for sexy clothing in their future. Perhaps even a bra or two!


  1. The poor dear looks a ditzy as she can be especially with those grossly over sized mellons on her chest! Zoe

    1. And she's the smart one, aka the slutty nerd! Can only imagine how bimboish her friend is going to be!