Friday, May 20, 2022

Ed's Not Backing Down .. or Backing Up!

I wanted to make a caption that would teach absolutely no one a lesson!

Any personal growth is strictly on a physical level!

I just loved the image, and I knew I had to do something with it. Keaparrot really likes to be in shape, and have a shapely body too, so it was inevitable that once I figured out what to do with it, that any caption would be for her.

And whatever story 'end'ed up in the caption was certainly enhanced by that photo. Nothing original, but Emma came out ahead of the curves, pun intended. If only workouts worked that quickly to build the body we really wanted, then It'd be worth the price of some Beats by Dee earbuds!

Supposed to be hot this weekend, so stay hydrated my friends!

and to answer Zoe's message .. Hang in there, and take small steps and see where that takes you. There's no easy answers, but it helps to think about the right questions.


  1. I like the caption, it made me smile! Nice rock stylings in the music choice too!

    1. I'm very much in a rocker vein. Other than a few bands I was in strictly for the money, I've been in metal, rock, or punk bands for most of my life.