Sunday, March 27, 2022

Two Short Captions .. One Pretty Good, and One Pretty Meh!

No need to have them have their own post .. So you get a double shot on a Sunday when you need it most!

Emotional weekend here for me, and I really don't want to write too much, so it's a good time to post a few little quickies that perhaps you will enjoy.

The first one I made a few minutes ago. Saw the photo and thought it'd make a cute little twist that perhaps people would see coming, and then about 60 percent through, came up with a twist to the twist. So, this is the TG caption equivalent of cavatappi pasta; you can dig in quickly, and has those little turns to hold the sauce in.

And the second one, is just a little homage to a movie scene from over 40 years ago?!? WOW! Anyway, it's Oscars night, so perhaps this is something that a newly feminized man would do when he is getting out of the chair at the mind control hair salon? Plus, apparently Travis can be a female name now!

Let's hope you like at least ONE of these, and preferably both.  Let me know about both these blog exclusives down in the comments. And I'm still looking for caption trade partners for those people not on the Haven.

Had to post a video here after Taylor Hawkins' death. The Foo Fighters were one of my forever person's favorite bands, and she thought that Taylor was awesome .. which he is/was. Took a chunk out of my soul that he died almost the exact same day as her. So, let's raise a glass to my beloved and to a great drummer!


  1. Good choice on the Video. Enjoyed listening to it again.

    The first caption: Very slam dunk surprise - I like it.

    The second caption: Their surprise has totally messed with their head. Ver funny.

    1. Woooo! I much prefer the 1st caption myself. Second one more so appeals to my pop culture junkie self.

      Glad I was able to surprise you!