Wednesday, December 22, 2021

I've Got Santa on Pins and Needles This Christmas!

Well, this was an amalgam of all of us jammed into one lucky girl awaiting Santa's yearly visit!

I saw this picture, and the combination of the Santa doll she's holding, and the wondrous smirk on her face, I know that there was some naughtiness to be had with the image.

And why not bring some magic to the season that you really don't see in most Christmas TG captions, or Christmas songs, movies, or anything dealing with that dear old Kringle? I wonder if Old Saint Nick visits New Orleans very often? Not if he believes in Voodoo!

Just feels like an extension of that 1950's juvenile delinquent song, "I'm Getting Nuttin' For Christmas" where the kid intones that, "I broke my bat on Johnny's head; somebody snitched on me." which really SHOULD be a Ramones lyrics .. maybe that is where "Beat on the Brat .. with a baseball bat!" came from. So, we should make sure we do whatever we need to, by any means necessary, to obtain a vertical smile for us all!

Wasn't going to post that song though, as it's pretty annoying and lame, other than the lyrics. So, why not a hidden gem by Cyndi Lauper? You could do much worse than this!


  1. Wow....I never thought of actually threatening Santa to get what I want....but it has to work better than everything else I've been trying over the years!!!
    And I think using voodoo on Santa automatically makes you number one on the naughty list!!!
    It's OK....I don't mind being number two this year!!!

    1. I'd think that he'd want to keep cumming back to your place, with the spread you've laid out for him!

      I am hoping that some of the nice Christmas captions I've posted over the years will at least keep me in the "trying hard to behave" category!

      3 more holiday captions to go!

  2. Great cap! wonderful idea on how to get Santa to bring what is really wanted!!
    Merry Christmas Dee and hope Santa is good to you!

    1. We shall see! I know if he stops at Kaaren's house first, he'll be in a much better mood!