Thursday, December 23, 2021

A Christmas (Eve) Wish Is a Dream Your Crotch Makes!

Did I have an obscenely amount of fun making this naughty Christmas Eve caption? I most certainly did!

And got literary on your ass while doing it too!

This is my favorite Christmas caption from 2021 .. hands down! It was created for Nadine, but not posted to her trade folder yet, because I wanted it posted here first AND she hasn't been back to the Haven in almost 2 months, so she'll see it when she sees it.

And this whole thing was written on the fly. Just put the awesome photo in a caption setting and went to town. When I wrote the first paragraph, I knew it was going to be for Henry / Nadine and figured that whatever the ornament was, that it'd end up becoming the dildo she was using. From there, I just went to town with that weird Dee logic, and originally had the salesperson in an elf costume, assuming that the dude had something to do with Santa .. maybe he got laid off from the North Pole and had re-appropriated some of the stock from Kringle's workshop. I mean, like a huge corporation is going to miss a little inventory, right?

But then, it all came to me, and it's what gave me the zinger / topper when everything fell into place. So of course, I had to change the travelling salesman's outfit. Everything made complete sense. I'm sure people like Sissy Kaaren were like, "well duh!" because they are all twisted like I am, which makes for fun times under the mistletoe, which is hanging off my belly button piercing!

Anywho .. that's my story, and I'm sticking too it. No stupid watch fobs here in MY Christmas Story, though Nadine probably could use some hair combs .. or anal lubricant. It's the moistest Christmas yet, Charlie Brown!


  1. short hair and all! O Hottie!

    1. I am hoping that most people will get the O Henry reference!

  2. Up extra early again today just for this cap!!!
    And it was so worth it!!!
    There's always some magic afoot around Christmas time....
    And I hope its a magical Christmas for you sweet Dee...and for all your family and friends!!!
    If Santa stops by my house first I'll make sure to cheer him up before I send him your way!!!
    Love and kisses
    From me and the Mrs.

    1. So glad you enjoyed it! I have a half day here at work on Christmas Eve, and it's snowing out! Then I'm going to the GF's house for the weekend, and meeting up with some of her family that is about 2 hours away on Christmas Day.

      Merry Christmas to you and Mrs. K.

  3. and ask Santa to leave me something magical to make my dreams come true!
    Merry Christmas Dee and to all!

    1. Thanks Zoe! The same to you and your loved ones!