Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Grandma Knows Best! Sissy's First Christmas .. Or Is It?

You sure that know one else knows of your proclivities? Maybe it's just obvious to some people ..

in your family, but not to other people who may be able to read you and your spouse much more closely!

I've often wondered about this, like in a situation like Kaaren's or Sally Bend's .. who know for sure what is happening, and if they were implicitly told, or just figured it out on their own.

I mean, does it ever come up when you are waiting for dinner to be served, and watching the NBA at Christmas, or football on Thanksgiving .. "Well, Earl, that's QUITE the tramp stamp you've got riding above your butt crack!" or an aunt comes over and asks, "Is Walter wearing a bra? I swear I can see a bra strap!"

I know that Mrs. K's assistant has a key to Kaaren's lock., and there's been a few other tales that have been told, but just thought that it'd be interesting if someone else had that intuition that there was kinkiness afoot!

Definitely let us know if someone in your circle has figured out your fetish, and how was it brought up. or do you THINK that someone else knows what is going on, but hasn't said anything yet. That might be even more of an uplift to your senses if that is something that turns you on!

Why use reindeer, when you can get bison instead? They can haul a lot more Christmas loot!


  1. I think her big smile is picturing her sissy wearing that - with their own hair falling onto full cups....

    1. That AND the guy she's going to seduce right in front of him!

  2. There has always been a pretty hard division between our friends that know Kaaren and the ones that don't...
    I'm pretty sure that some of the ones that don't, have their suspicions...but both my wife and I are always very careful...
    And yes there have been a couple of accidental exposures over the years....a panty peeking from the back of my pants....we met a lovely lady like that at the theater a couple of years ago....my shirt had come untucked and was bunched up against my chair...and when I leaned forward she got a nice look at my lacy waistband....she even complimented me on my taste in undies when the house lights came up....she and my wife had a discussion and they ended up becoming friends and she got a much better look at my panties after that!!!
    There was the neighbor who unexpectedly put her arm around me while I was cooking....and her hand was right on my bra....she gave me a quizzical look and I smiled and blushed and that was the end of it....
    There were a few others....but I don't want to bore you with my old stories...
    Again...I'm loving all the Xmas caps and am taking whatever time I can snatch out of the days as I am still crazy busy!!!
    But I set my alarm for a few minutes early today to take the time to leave you a note!!!
    Sending Love and Kisses

    1. Pretty much what I thought. Interesting story about the theater though. Wild how you can become friends with people with such an auspicious start!

      And I'm not sure that ANYONE ever said they were bored with any of your stories, dearest sissy!

      Glad you swung by! I'm sure you'll love the last few I have left to post!