Monday, March 15, 2021

She Doesn't Know the Meaning of the Word "Doltish"!

.. then again, she won't know the meaning of a lot of words when we are done with her!

I guess sometimes it is better to be bilingual than bisexual, or maybe best to be both?

This is a quickie, insta-caption .. where I went into my D'arkives and clicked on a picture in the directory, and I had to use anything from 10 pictures up through 10 pictures down .. and make a caption with one of those images. I had saved this back sometime in 2017, and I liked the look on her face, and thought about how weird we can look during orgasm face, and the same thing happens when someone takes a big shot of cum in their mouth. No matter how smooth that person tries to be, and play it off as no big deal .. there's that moment of truth.

So with that thought, I wanted to limit the amount of monologuing, yet still convey the plot that I had constructed .. plus I've had to get a newer version of Photoshop, and it doesn't seem to be as flexible in how to resize the text (it continues to scale it automatically when I don't want it too!) so I was pretty economical in how I wrote it out. Originally, I used the word "Vapid" but some of the definitions weren't exactly how I wanted to describe her, so I picked out another word that would fit both the story, and the confines of the text box itself. 

And I don't think I really need to explain any more of the caption .. like DUH! But, if anyone knows how to fix my "resizing the textbox" issue, please let me know in the comments, along with anything else you'd like to discuss about this caption, like how did 'they' get into the situation in the first place?!?

Highly underrated band from the 80's. I remember being a youngster when this came out, and I loved the mood of the song, and her singing was just so good .. totally in the pocket.


  1. Goodness how I love that moment of truth....the tricky part is you just don't know if he's going to gently spurt onto your tongue or if he's going to propel you across the room!!!!
    I like both types myself!!!!
    Imagining my wife and I trading places like this doesn't work so well for me because one of us would need to be man-sized...maybe we could switch and I could go out and get a couple of guys and....
    Sorry my mind was starting to wander there...
    I like the pic too....and the cap is fun!!!

    1. I'm possibly thinking more of a jaded FWB arrangement that didn't quite go the way he played .. or a crazy ex that you just can't seem to shed because she's so damn good in bed.

      Glad your imagination is heading out in ways that I didn't intend, but I'm guessing that would have happened, even without this caption!

  2. Oh, I love it, Dee! What a great image - the look in her eyes is priceless - and a fun story. Of course, I adore the little twist at the end about his cum, leading her ever deeper down the bimbo sexpot rabbit hole!

    1. Yes, I did want this to seem more revenge like .. or that maybe she was so addicted to the masculinity, that she kept it going to have even more power over him. Not quite sure exactly, but it's good to see that people did enjoy this caption!