Wednesday, December 16, 2020

#TwoPeopleOneTeam .. The Christmas Selfie! Plus a Bonus Follow-up!

Yeah, you just KNOW where this is going to lead by Labor Day, right?

This was the second caption that I made for the Holiday Extrava-TonyDanza, Sale-abration, December to Dismember, Lingerie and Spiked Egg-Nog Shindig .. and it comes from hanging around Pinterest over the last year or so. Nothing like rubbing in losing your forever person by suggesting a whole bunch of "relationship goals" selfies in your daily feed. Well, I guess I really am screwing up their 'AlGore'ithms big time by being a young lady there looking at hairstyles, prom dresses, halloween costumes, pantyhose, woman-less pageants and Instant Pot recipes .. they certainly have me pegged correctly right?

So, when I saw this picture, I just knew that I had to caption it somehow, and right away the story came to me, because that's what I do .. write what I see. For all we know, he could be wearing clear nail polish right now, or a very subtle shade of pink. I really want to see what they look like next year! Hell, I just wrote that last sentence, and decided to document the changes, and whipped this up a few minutes ago!

Click on it to expand. Well they certainly seem happy! Another male feminized, and he enjoys it! Well, maybe she likes it better, and whatever makes the lady smile, and put out, makes him happy too! Happy wife, happy life, right?

Soooo, who else is up for this? Or are the ladies afraid their boyfriends and hubbies are going to look hotter than they do in an identical outfit? Maybe if you get all dolled up, they'll just end up wanting, "a real man!" Well, would you offer to share? Be honest with your gal, and honest with yourself!

This is a blog exclusive, so comment away below! I am trying to figure out what to post next, so if you have suggestions, let me know! Right now, I'm leaning towards a BBW caption, but I can be swayed!

Hmmm, if you don't WATCH the video, can you still win this year's Whammagedon challenge?


  1. I love a good slow burn, and it's rare to see it pulled off so well in caption form. Great job!

    1. Thanks! I'm like the marines, when it comes to story .. Get in, take care of business, and then get out!

  2. It has been the case since the day we met....I was playing checkers while she was playing 3-D chess....she was always way ahead of me....but I can say honestly that she never had to trick me into anything....I was always willing...her genius lay in knowing when to introduce something new to our relationship....and her ability to smile like an innocent choirgirl while putting me through one humiliation after another!!!
    Liked the cap Dee....I was out playing in the snow tonight....felt like a little girl as she admonished me not to ruin my clothes!!!
    Go outside and throw a few'll make you fell better!!!

    1. I'm near the coast, so I'm not looking forward to heading outside, as I think we've got about 7 inches of snow at this moment, and it's going to be that heavy, slushy stuff. I didn't want to go out and clear off the apartment building's steps and walkway to the parking lot, but the temp is dropping fast, so it will ice up soon enough! Yuck!

      I find it interesting that Mrs. K was on board as quickly as you were, and that you followed along (well that part doesn't surprise me!) I guess everyone's stories are different, but from what I've heard over the years from being in this community; it's often the sissy that has to at least light a fire under the spouse, so to speak, though they often take to it well after that shove in the right direction. I wonder how many relationships started with the GF or wife being the one to lead "that slippery slope" from the start. Always looking for data from my commenters .. maybe they'll share their insights and experiences with us?

  3. Oh, I am so up for this! My fave of your xmas captions so far! I'll settle for little sister, enjoy being her Barbie doll, and beg and plead for the chance to be her lesbian lover!

    1. As I'm reflecting on this now, the caption definitely fits you and the Mrs. quite well, doesn't it? I certainly could have had you star in it, but since you are already doing it in real life .. you've already hit the jackpot!

      Glad you enjoyed it. Maybe something else I post this year will tickle your fancy more, but I'm sure this one mirrors your reality in a way that the others won't.