Thursday, December 17, 2020

Silver Bells? Big Blue Balls? It's Christmas Time, Mr. Shitty! Plus TWO Bonus Xmas Captions!

Why does Santa always land on the roof? Because he likes it on top!

Just a little quickie for you today, and for those who are fans of BBW's .. here's a story about a nasty sort of Scrooge that made some naughty demands from Kris Kringle. OK, so this one isn't my favorite, but I did make NINE freakin' holiday captions already this year. Not everyone can be, "Tit's a Wonderful Life!" am I right? Yeah, occasionally there will be a Silent Night, Deadly Night 6 sprinkled in.

So, on that note, what are some traditional things you've done every year right around Christmas? Well, maybe not "traditional" in a "traditional" sense, but have become a regular thing? And will you be able to continue that yearly act this year as well?

For me, I always visited friends on Christmas Eve, as that was the time you went from house to house, offering cheer, and possibly gifts for those who aren't family .. and also meet up with those family members to exchange gifts with them, as we usually traveled on Christmas Day morning to visit with my GF's relatives, who lived about 4-5 hours away. Obviously, I am not going to do either this year, but maybe will make a bunch of phone calls to keep in touch with them as best I can.

There are other things though, like watch Die Hard on Christmas Eve, which is my favorite Christmas movie of all time. I'll listen to a playlist of my favorite Christmas songs at work .. I usually work it in the office, and most years, I'm the only one there, which makes it nice and peaceful, which I took because of how stressful and busy that night and the next day of traveling took on me .. and the GF usually had to work at least until 6 PM anyway, so why not get paid to be lazy on the job?!?

Not going to lie .. this is going to be a rough friggin' end of the year, and it already has been. My forever person loved October through Christmas, and there's a big hole in my life right now. It's why I am so glad that I have this blog, and all of you as my friends. This keeps me sane, believe it or not. The regular posting schedule has kept me busy with some things to do that aren't work related. I am thankful for your continued visits and comments. When your real life community has shrunk do to covid and grief .. having an online community to draw support from is a huge boost to your mental well being. I hope that I am doing my part to keep people out there smiling as well. That is what giving is all about .. problems shared are often problems solved.

Since this caption above wasn't a great one, I went back and found the first Christmas caption I posted here on the blog, and it was posted 10 years ago! Just a short little quickie. Did I make earlier ones back at the Haven? I'm pretty sure I did, but this is one I can actually track down. Maybe I'll hit the D'archives and pull out a few more if I have some time on my hands.

Well, here's another one that I posted in 2011. I thought people might get a kick out of this one too!

And of course, they'll be another holiday caption posting tomorrow night. Like Santa and cookies left out for him, you can't just have one, right?

Something I play every year at Christmas Eve at work. Gotta keep banging your head on Xmas!


  1. Oh, Yvonne looks like she is very well suited for keeping someone warm on those long cold winter nights.... you could snuggle up to her.... Ian had blue balls, Yvonne blew balls.....

    1. Definitely. On a cold winter night, she's definitely a furnace in bed!

  2. Nothing wrong with some xmas snowglobes, Dee - I kind of like the caption, and the look on his face tells me he's coping quite well!

    I used to be a horrible Grinch. I loathed the whole season for reasons I won't go into but will blame on my mother, and made my wife miserable. Since she became my Goddess, however, and since I've become her Princess, the whole season has turned around. Our new tradition is to exchange a few gifts before xmas that we can't very well open before family. This year it was matching lingerie, a matching necklace for her and collar for me, and some sexy stockings.

    1. Think you mentioned the gift exchange last year, and I'm glad that things have really turned around for you.

      I was in a different boat than you when it came to Christmas. I loved it as a kid. Was apathetic after my mother died when I was young .. then fell back in love with it when my GF came around and I ended up with custody of my daughter. Now I'm kind of back in the depressed but hopeful state. Just have to keep my chin up and press through until better days arrive again.

      And a collar now for you? Wow! It's getting really serious now!