Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Putting My Foot Down! Well, Someone's Foot Is Being Put Down!

Who doesn't love a happy ending? Wait. You don't think this is a happy ending? Well, it is!

Just depends on how you look at it. I mean, Felix's wife got a huge promotion, and so he won't have to be employed anymore! Well, look! Felix has been hoisted in his own petard! Or maybe someone else's ., someone with a much larger petard! Hmmm, not sure what it is, but someone is bound to get blown! Yeah, I had to look it up, and it's a wooden bomb of some sort, so that is why someone will get blown!

So, I'm not sure WHEN the picture was taken, or who it is exactly, but it's a TG caption, amirite? Oh course I am right. Just like how Felix is right, and now he stands corrected .. in heel!

Sorry, I am feeling a bit silly right now .. or slightly high. Not sure yet if the edible has truly kicked in yet, but why not .. it's good to feel chipper and silly every now and again. I really need that sense of frivolity at this moment, and I have the next day off, so I can sleep late if I want to do so, and I think I might!

Hope everyone out there is being safe but still having some fun on occasion. I am continuing my AMA for the rest of the week, so get your questions in down below, and I'll do my best to answer them forthwith, or fifthwith if I have some delay in getting back here. Mmmm, these gummies are much better than the last batch I consumed! That's what Sissy Kaaren says! She likes batch! Maybe gummies too, but you'd have to ask her. Sweetie? Do you like gummies? We know you love man batches. Now I'm wondering if that is how batch is pluralized. 

What are words for? When no one listens anymore!


  1. Oh my goodness Dee....this could be my life story!!!
    Her career took off like a rocket while mine fizzled out.....
    As she moved upstairs I was stuck in a cubicle....then came the fiscal crisis and I was downsized....
    It was her that pointed out to me that she was making enough to support us and then some....and I could do my part by taking care of our home...
    And I'm still doing it....after all these years....and I couldn't be happier!!!

    1. As I was writing up this blog post, I was like, "Hmmmm, I wonder how close I'm getting to Sissy Kaaren's real life." Apparently I was pretty damn close, well other than you being adamant about being the man of the house!

      I need a Mrs. K .. well, without the cuckolding stuff. She seems like a great lady, and she keeps you in line, which is probably a job in and of itself!

  2. If I may, "Kaaren" is quite correct that her business career wasn't worth maintaining.
    I was much more successful and I was glad we could afford for my sissy to stay home, that was one less distraction as I moved up the corporate ladder.
    It's a wonderful feeling to know I'll always come home to an orderly house and a beautiful sissy husband who will do anything for me!
    Anything for me, covers so many things!
    I agree with "Kaaren" that this could have been "her' biography!
    I enjoyed this very much Dee and I hope you're doing well.

    Mrs. K

    1. Thanks Mrs. K! So glad that you come out occasionally and check out my blog, as I'm sure you are very busy with both work AND that mischievous sissy always looking to push the boundaries to their limit. Plus with so many horror stories within the TG community, it's great to see a mutually-beneficial and loving relationship evolve day by day. Truly heart-warming.

      If I don't hear from you before the end of the month, I hope you have the most wonderful holiday season.

  3. Oh my, I wonder WHAT the other perks for the big breadwinner can be... a pair of perky ones for Svetlana? Just to make the dresses hang right?

    Save the wax from those Christmas candles! It can be reused!

    (but lose the orange rug? please?)

    1. That orange rug is where the whole idea for the remodeling came from .. although he wasn't thinking that he would be remodeled as well!

      Mmmm, bread. I 'knead' to pull out that hot loaf from the oven soon enough!