Thursday, December 3, 2020

The Package Left at Dave's Door!

No man! Dave's not here right now. And no, Dave probably won't be a man much longer.

My "special" version of Photoshop crashed on me the other day and got corrupted. That or the latest version of Window 10 Pro borked it .. nasty bastard if that is what really happened. Anyway, I had to reinstall it like 3 times before I could get it to work today .. so I decided to make a caption so that I knew it was working at the moment. Why not make one for someone I haven't made one for in awhile.

So I don't think DSS25 aka Dave has received a caption from me this year, and I wanted to remedy that by whipping up something he'd find amusing. He likes to be changed into a chubby / BBW woman, and I just so happened to gaze upon this picture in my internet travel, and the idea just came to me .. maybe because there's once again been an increase in porch-package stealers going around this holiday season. From there, it just gave me the idea of what would happen if someone was sending out random parcels to people, and what the motive was behind it. Was it a general love for mankind, or something a bit more dastardly and Dee-vious. It perhaps might go something like THIS!

I tried to foreshadow the plot-line a bit with some design elements and clues in the body of the caption, but perhaps I didn't get you until the 2nd to the last paragraph? I'm hoping I did! And on top of that, I wonder how Batman found out about it! Does Bruce now have a dynamic duo of double D's on his chest, or did Robin somehow accelerate his way through puberty and is now wearing fishnet tights and a full hair of hair flowing around his mask! I'd really like to know!

And yes, this doesn't quite look like a signature Dee caption, but that is what happens when all your old defaults are lost to the whims of your computer or OS. I will play around with PS a bit and try to get back to the normal routine of caption making, and adjust the program as I go along. I just had to post something REALLY new tonight, and I can post some older stuff as we move along through December.

Do comment below on the caption, and if you had a good idea where it was going before it got there. Plus, I've still offering an AMA (Ask Me Anything) through the end of the weekend, so queue up those quandaries and I'll get to answering them!


  1. So many unanswered plot twists, I think DC comics may give you a call ;)
    Love the caption, it’s just the kind of woman Batman goes for.

    1. A psychologically damaged woman with nice tits and a weird sense of fashion? Yeah, that sounds right up Batman's alley!