Sunday, November 29, 2020

No Longer a Car Guru!

Well, if you can talk the talk, you might not have to walk the walk! Or something like that!

I know quite a few women that are into cars on a mechanical level. They change their own oil, or their own tires, and one female friend of mine actually changed her brake pads! But, most of them have only a cursory knowledge of how to maintain and fix a vehicle other than some regular care, like filling the windshield wiper fluid or changing a fuse on an older vehicle.

So, in general, automobiles are still more of a 'guy thing' which makes it a good topic for TG captions, where the manly men can lose something that is more intrinsically "macho" and it makes a good contrast when males are turning into females in real time. Yes, I know many guys are just as clueless as their feminine counterparts, but when working with stereotypes, it's a plot shortcut that usually works well in conveying that transfer of knowledge from one set of skills to another, differing set,

And it's a heck of a lot of fun to write out terms that aren't quite right, showing how much of a bimbo she was becoming. I believe they are called malaprops, though I'm not sure why they are. I have seen a few routines by an old comedian named Norm Crosby on Youtube that used that schtick, and there was a "convict" character on In Living Color that did the same thing. I think it's even funnier if you know what she was actually trying to say, and how it got perverted between his brain and her mouth .. like instead of spark plugs, it's now a cross between spark plugs and shock absorbers, neither of which is related to the other, and they become "shark abstainers" or "spork abductors"!!!

And yes, I will keep doing car captions because guys like seeing women posing with cars while wearing sexy outfits! I am not going to turn down such a rich source of photos for captioning purposes! I mean, how many damn bench captions have I, and now others too, made in the past few years? Hell, I have another one coming down the pike sometime in December! Be on the lookout for it!

I made two more captions yesterday, so I have 10 or so "as normal as Dee can make them" completed captions and 2 holiday captions, plus a number of ideas that are floating around my head, plus a few that are in settings with a few details inside them that I will complete at some point soon .. so I feel confident about being productive here at the blog .. but I will take suggestions in the comments down below.

Plus, this is another blog exclusive, so lets talk about this caption too, and why cars are a big topic in the TG community. I would love to have more discussions going forward through the winter here on my blog, and maybe I'll get inspired to make more captions to go along with those topics!


  1. I was absolutely pathetic when it came to mechanics....if it starts when I turn the key we're good....if it doesn't I call someone....
    We were driving when the "check engine" light came on....and my wife told me I should look at it....I pulled over...opened the hood....I checked....the engine was still there....and that's what I told her when I got back in the car!!!!
    She laughed and made a few remarks about me being such a girl!!!
    But our current mechanic is a girl....she's a walking stereotype of a butch....and she delights in embarrassing me....and I'm OK with that!!!
    Liked the cap very much!!!

    1. Glad to see that female mechanic keep you in your place!

      I am good at diagnostic things when it comes to cars. Actually getting under there and fixing it though .. nah! And tire changes and such, that is why I pay AAA 80 bucks a year .. to do that for me, and save my back for more important things! Also the 1st gift I bought for my daughter when she got her license .. mostly so *I* wouldn't have to go out late at night and change a damn flat tire for her LOL

      I love that "check engine light" anecdote .. and who knows? Perhaps it will make itself known in a caption someday!

  2. Love the cap Dee! I think you're right in that using stereotypes, both male and female, really work to help setup the quick loss of masculinity persona. I think this might have inspired me to a cap idea... I'll mention it if I make and post it. And I hadn't ever heard that version of 'Cars' before... Awesome!

    1. Glad you liked the "cover" of Cars .. Gary Numan had definitely gotten a bit harder edged musically over the years. I almost posted the version done by Fear Factory that has Gary Numan do a guest verse and harmonies, but I've posted that version of it before.

      I went to your site and viewed the caption, and it's a lot of fun! Going to post a comment there after I submit this one!

      Stay safe Caitlyn! I've already lost a person that was close to me recently due to Covid.